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Nicole By OPI Inner Sparkle and Sweet Dreams

Nicole by OPI has two new collections out right now, one inspired by Selena Gomez and the other by the sitcom Modern Family.  The Modern Family collection surprised me; partly because it seems a bit random for a "youth line" and partly because I actually kinda like that show.  Nicole by OPI, as much as I love them, has a history of tie-ins to things that I really don't like.  Gossip Girl, Justin Bieber, the Kardasians...  I bought two of the Gossip Girl shades a couple of years ago when they were on clearance at Ulta, but hated myself a bit when I bought my first Bieber and Kardasian polishes.  The Modern Family collection looks nice enough, but I feel like I have a lot of similar polishes already.  Inner Sparkle and Sweet Dreams are from the new Selena Gomez collection.  I don't really know anything about Miss Gomez...other than that she's a singer and she has questionable taste in boys.  Are they still even together?  Dunno.  In the time since those first cringing Bieber and Kardasian purchases, I've learned to see the polish and not the celebrity.  I love Nicole By OPI, no matter whose name they put on the bottle.

Inner Sparkle is a mix of hexagonal metallic glitters; tiny gold, small lilac, and large dusty pink in a clear base.

over Khloe Had A Little Lam-Lam

Nicole by OPI glitters usually apply really well, smooth and even without need for constant dabbing and placing, and Inner Sparkle definitely lives up to my expectations.  I bought it because the blend of glitter is very different from any I already had.  I kinda hate pink on its own, but I don't mind it mixed in with other colors.  I had a tough time pairing it with other Nicole by OPI polishes in my collection, but the dark teal Khloe Had A Little Lam-Lam (I'd be so embarrassed, were I him!) compliments the glitter pretty well.  I liked the combination, but didn't love it.  I usually prefer glitter mattified, and this was no exception.

Sweet Dreams is also a mix of metallic hexagonal glitter; tiny light purple, small teal, and medium silver in a clear base.

over Too Rich For You

Sweet Dreams also applied very well.  The colors were easier to pair up with others in my collection.  I love the contrast of the soft purple and bright teal.  It looked terrific mattified too!

I'd recommend both of these glitters, but I personally prefer Sweet Dreams.  Both applied nicely and didn't take endless topcoat to smooth out like some do.  Very well-behaved!  I had some layering fun with them too, but that's for another post...

Also...holy crap, we passed the 100 follower mark!! When did that happen??  Thanks for all of your support and interest, everyone...our followers here, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, all of you!


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