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Covergirl Glosstini Capitol Collection: Rogue Red

I admit, I enjoyed The Hunger Games movie. I caught it late at night on HBO, and I thought it was great. Even if the story sucked, there was plenty of eye candy to keep me involved. (Hello, Lenny Kravitz!) When I heard that Covergirl was doing a whole collection inspired by the movies, I was pretty stoked.

After weeks and weeks of searching, I finally found a tiny display of the polishes. It was almost completely empty, except for two bottles of the Rogue it is my choice by default. I'm not sorry though, it's a perfectly firey orange. 

I was initially worried when I started to apply this. The first coat was thin, patchy, and a little pink. Three medium coats built it up to the perfect glowing red-orange. In the dim light of my living room, it glowed like embers. In my lightbox, the foily bits are more obviously gold. I had no trouble with flooding or cleanup, which was a relief. Those foily bits can be hard to remove from the skin around the nail. I've had this on for three days now (sandwiched between a layer of Gelous and a layer of Seche Vite) and I have zero tip wear so far. 

Tl;dr is if you see this stuff, grab it. It is a great fall/thanksgiving color.

there is a bubble. on my ring finger.

it mocks me still.

outside the lightbox, the glow is more evident.


  1. This color is actually really pretty :)

    1. For an orange, I absolutely love it. I got loads of complements...which is weird for a plain old single colored manicure. Everyone needs it.

  2. That looks great on your nails ! I really love the polishes from this collection, hate the tiny bottles tho.

    1. yeah, the bottles are awful and wee. Maybe they'll make something like this in full size.


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