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My New Favorite Color: OCC Nail Lacquer in Strumpet

I may have found a new favorite nail polish: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. I wish they were available near me, so I could go check out the whole range in person...but alas, it's 90 miles to the nearest Sephora. As part of my "New Job Haul", I grabbed a Lip Tar/Polish duo in Strumpet. (I promise to swatch the Lip Tar soon. Next time I wear this polish. I want to see how they compare.) You know I already love the Lip Tars, but this was my first time using their polish. Color me impressed.

I am in love with the bottle/brush/handle on these polishes. The handle is long and thin, like a better version of the 90's WnW polishes. The brush fans easily across the nail without too much effort, which makes staying "in the lines" a breeze. I had exactly two spots that I had to clean up, and that was mostly the cat's fault. If you have trouble getting a smooth line at the cuticle, this stuff might be for you.

The formula on this is amazing. This is two coats, people. I never get away with two coats! I almost stopped at one, the color is so opaque. If you had shorter nails, I think that one would definitely be enough to make you happy. This stuff is thick and thin at the same time. It covers so well, but still flows like a thinner polish...which is good and bad. I did find that I needed to wipe the brush off more than usual to avoid lumps/streaks.

You all should know, by now, that I am in love with fuchsias. This is my perfect shade of fuchsia. Not too pink, not too purple, not too neon. It's just right. My perfect bowl of polish-porridge.

Final verdict: I'm in love. For $10 it is by far the nicest polish I have tried recently. I am seriously contemplating ordering a few more, but I'll try to wait until after the holidays to do so. There are several colors that I am eyeing.


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    1. its so perfect. I'm in love. I may be considering renaming one of my children after this polish.


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