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Around this time last year I was panicking because I got in a little trouble at work for my polish.  The nebulous rules "conservative and simple" were suddenly enforced and I had to learn to like neutrals.  It was really tricky at first.  I wish Zoya's new Naturel collection had come out then!  It's all soft, neutral creams and would have been a perfect introduction to SFW shades.  Still, I'm always happy to have new workweek options so I was really excited to try them out!

Chantal is a pale, slightly peachy beige.

As nudes go, Chantal is surprisingly close to right on me.  It's a touch too peachy and pink for me, since I have cool undertones, but it's way closer than most.  If you've tried Revlon Trade Winds (my perfect nude) and found it too gray, Chantal might be perfect for you.  At very least it should be less odd if it's not right.  Trade Winds looked BAD on Nichole.  Chantal's formula is on the runny side, but not unbearable.  This is three coats.

Taylor is a soft honey beige.

I want to compare Chantal and Taylor side-by-side in a future post.  They're not all that different, but Taylor is slightly darker and earthier.  The formula's better and it only took two coats.  I think it works better with my coloring too, since it's not as close to the color of my skin.  Perfect "mannequin hands" nudes are amazing, but hard to find and impossible to recommend.  It's much easier to find shades that compliment by being a bit darker or ones that exaggerate an undertone in your skin, like Taylor does for me.  If I hadn't found one that's "me in a bottle", I think Taylor would possibly be my go-to neutral.

Rue is a pale dusty rose.

I'm a bit startled by Rue.  It's not a color I'd ever have tried on my own.  I'm not sure if I like it, but it looks better on me than I'd ever have guessed.  It's pink, but it's soft and rosy and has my pink-hating soul deeply confused because it's flattering.  I'll have to wear it as a full mani sometime.  The formula did give me a little trouble.  This is two coats, but the first coat seemed to bubble.  It was only visible under the super bright lamp I use when I paint my nails, so it's still wearable, but it bothered me a little.

Brigitte is a slightly dusty mauve.

Another shade that confuses my inner pink-hater.  I just don't know!  I can see a lot of people being all about Brigitte though.  It's beautiful and a perfect winter-to-spring transitional color.  This is three coats.  It's watery, so it needed an extra coat.

Odette is a muted orchid.

Take the 2014 Pantone "Color Of The Year" and calm it down and you've got Odette.  I'm not sure if I'd call it SFW.  It might be a bit too noticeable for where I work.  I might give it a go some night anyway.  I feel like it's a good compromise between bold and neutral and could be a good gateway polish for anyone trying to cross that line from either direction.  Three coats on this one too, because it's also decidedly on the thin side.

Normani is a soft mushroomy taupe.

I can never get enough taupes!  I knew I'd like Normani because I have a thing for shades like this.  It reminds me of both Revlon Mocha and Sinful Colors Graine De Poivre.  I'm gonna have to do a comparison post sometime after xmas, since I have a bunch of taupes and pale nudes.  I want to see how Normani, Chantal, and Taylor stack up to some of my other SFW options.  Normani probably has the best formula in this collection.  It's exactly what I expect from Zoya creams, thin but well-behaved.  This is two coats.

Bottom line: Chantal isn't quite right for me, but could be a perfect nude for warm/very pale tones without my cool undertones.  Taylor might be your perfect nude if you're just "regular pale" with brown undertones.  Rue and Brigitte are soft, delicate, and flattering.  Odette expertly toes a line between safe and daring.  Normani is a classic taupe with a very good formula.  The rest are on the thin side, but I didn't have any major issues with any of them.  Odette is the standout, color-wise, but the others are all completely work-appropriate.

My first major polish brand press samples!  I feel so grateful to the people at Zoya and I hope I did these polishes justice!  The Naturel collection is on already, but won't be in salons or Ulta until early January.  They're $9 each, which makes me wonder if Zoya's raising their prices next year. We'll see...


  1. Beautiful colors! I am not a fan of Zoya (takes too long to dry), but I am really loving this collection!

  2. I have a few Zoyas and hadn't really been bothered about drying time till I tried the blue speckled one called Dream. It takes forEVER!

  3. These all look fab - I need to try to get my hands on them :D


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