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My Picks from Orly Surreal

I had a hooray moment when I finally saw Orly's Surreal collection in person.  For whatever reason, Sally Beauty didn't get this collection when it first came out.  It's on their website now, but I'm not sure if it ever showed up in stores.  I found it at the nail supply I sometimes go to, on the same visit when they finally had OPI's San Francisco collection.  It's also when I bought my two picks from Orly's Secret Society holiday collection.  Just like that collection breaks the holiday color rules, Surreal is not the typical fall assortment.  I bought only three of the six shades, but I had a hard time putting Digital Glitter back.  I think I'll pick it up next time if they have any bottles left.  I also keep looking at Angel Rain when I see it at Ulta, but I worry about brushstrokes and frostiness.  It reminds me of Sky-Blue Pink too, but without the gold.  PinkWaterfall isn't me at all, so I passed on it.  Let's look at what I did get...

Teal Unreal is a dark teal cream.

not color-accurate

That photo's color is so far off it's not even funny.  Teal Unreal is absurdly teal.  My camera can't even begin to try.  I've never seen a photo that gets the true oopmh of this color across.  You need to see a bottle in person to really get the idea.  That insane tealness doesn't come without a few pretty big problems.  Michelle from Lab Muffin had the scariest staining I've ever seen when she wore it in a staining test.  I was worried, so I tried it over a couple of coats of nude polish over my usual swatching "base coat" (NYC Matte Me Crazy) and it bubbled horribly.  It's very thin and runny for a cream.  I wound up stamping over it and trying again.  This time I skipped the matte base and just applied two coats of Teal Unreal over two coats of a nude cream and only got very minimal bubbling.  I had a bit of skin staining, but I adore the color, so I'll wear it again....nervously.  In an attempt to trick my camera into catching the color accurately, I recruited one of Zeus' plush unicorns.  It kinda worked.  Kinda.  The photo below is a lot closer, but still not really it.

Pixie Powder has a clear base filled with tiny lilac glitter that shifts suddenly to gold.

over Teal Unreal

Pixie Powder makes up for Teal Unreal's issues completely.  It's a dream to apply.  This is one very smooth, even, effortless coat.  Hooray!  The shift to gold is very sudden, but it's there.

over Teal Unreal

Purple Poodle is a bright magenta jelly with fine blue shimmer and a scattering of purple flakes.

WOW!!  This is my kind of "pink".  Pink likes me more than I like it, but Purple Poodle is just dark enough and is crazy glowy on me...I can't help but like it!  This is three coats, but I like the sheerness.  It gives it depth.  The color and shimmer remind me of Sinful Colors Got A Blush On You, but it gains big points for me with its more varied shimmer and because it's not a texture.  It's sheer enough that it could be layered too (PinkQueen on MakeupAlley tried it) and I might have to do something with that sometime.  The downside of the sheerness is that it will look very different on different skin tones.  It's very bright on me, but I'm super pale.  If you're not, the result may be deeper.  At least you'll still have this fabulous shimmer.

Softer lighting shows what I mean, sorta.  It loses a lot of its brightness when it's not in direct light.

The urge to mattify was irresistible.  Very glad I caved!  It's perfect for it and just....daaaamn....

Bottom line: Yes to all three this time, but with a few caveats.  Pixie Powder isn't the most unique thing ever, but I like it and it applies wonderfully.  Teal Unreal is way more impressive in person and worth the stain risk, I think.  Purple Poodle is mindblowing on me, but might not look the same on you if you're not pale.  Overall this collection is pretty out there...which is awesome and needs to happen more often!  Even if I don't love the look of all of the colors, I appreciate the daring idea so much.

Orly's really having a good year, aren't they?  I've found at least a little something from almost all of their '13 collections.  I loved High On Hope from their spring collection.  Their Matte Flakie Top Coats are both pretty and unique in my collection.  Both of my Secret Society picks are striking stand-outs.  I'm looking forward to what they might do in '14!


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