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Merry xmas, xmas people!  Today's post is going up on its own, since I'm off xmasing.  Originally I was going to swatch all of the OPI Holiday On Broadway duochromes in celebration of their tenth birthday this season...but I couldn't bring myself to do it!  The thought of wearing such special polishes for such short times kinda broke my heart.  I think they're special enough to wait for times when I can wear them as NOTD's.  Movin' Out was my birthday mani, but I wore Rent for an ordinary couple of worknights.  It's soft and subtle and back then I was still kidding myself that I could swatch all six.

Rent is the subtlest shade in the collection.  It's just a very fine fuchsia-to-green duochrome shimmer with a scattering of tiny silvery microfleck.

over You Don't Know Jacques

I've seen people put it down as boring or something, but I love it!  It's not a knockout duochrome like most of the other shimmers in this collection, but it is a duochrome.

over You Don't Know Jacques

You have to catch it just right, but....

over You Don't Know Jacques

The twinkle of microfleck completely makes it, no?  I owe Rent a debt of gratitude too.  It started me off on gathering this "vintage" collection.  I got it in a swap only a couple of months after getting back into polish.  Today I my Holiday On Broadway collection is complete!  Zeus got me Standing Room Only and Opening Night Gold and made no secret of it at all.  Merry xmas indeed!  It's been a difficult year, but things are looking up and this is his way of thanking me.  I have the world's best duckling!

I hope you're having a great xmas and Nichole and I will both be back soon!


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