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Nyx Moonwalk

Nyx had a 40% sale on Cyber Monday...and I caved. I'm a huge Nyx fan, so I did a fair amount of damage that day. ($40 worth of makeup. I promise to do a haul post shortly!) The only polish that I grabbed was Moonwalk, which appears to be a black jelly (maybe?) with holographic hex and tiny glitters. 

So...I had some problems with this. I'm terrible with jelly polishes though, so I don't blame the polish. I used 3 coats here (with Gelous in between. I'm obsessed with that stuff now!) and I guess it's fairly opaque for a jelly. I would never wear this by itself, but I would totally add a couple of coats over a black or blue. In fact, I added a testing layer of it over my purpley gradient...and it looks pretty awesome. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm keeping this one for layering.


  1. I picked up some polishes too but my package has mysteriously stopped having tracking updates. :( I can't wait to get my package though because the colors I got were gorgeous looking! (and I picked up a lot of makeup, obviously)

    1. me too! I need to get it all together (again) and post it. I'm kinda in-love with Nyx.


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