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Wet n Wild Fergie Mazel Tov Madness

Can we talk for a second about how strange it feels that Chanukah is almost over?  Wishing my family a happy one when I saw them on just felt wrong!  We're waiting until tomorrow to celebrate because we all agreed it seemed too early.  Good thing it won't happen again for like 7000 years.  It's not something I can handle.  Anyway... I bought Mazel Tov Madness after being really pleasantly surprised by Emerald Rock City from the same collection, called Heavy Metal.  I'd been looking at it for a while when I saw the collection in stores and it was on sale at Rite Aid that week, so I bought it.  I's blue.  Of course I bought it.

Mazel Tov Madness is a dark blue shimmer.

My hope was that Mazel Tov Madness would be something like a blue version of Poison Ivy.  It's something like it, for sure, but not enough like it to satisfy that craving.  The major difference is that the base is blue and not black.  It's also not sheer and it's very thick.  It should have been a one-coater, but I had brush trouble and wound up using two.  It doesn't have the depth and glow that Poison Ivy has and I feel like it's a dupe of something.  Probably even something I own...I just couldn't think of what.  It feels a bit same-y.  It is beautiful though and gets a twinkle like a toned-down version of Color Club Williamsburg.

Still, I can see it looking pretty much black on non-ghostly people unless it's in direct sunlight.  For some reason I looked really orange in my sunlight photos of it.  Sorry, but this is the best one.  The rest were just awful.  The shimmer it gets in the sun is worth seeing though...

I like it way more mattified.

It reminds me of one of those 'too good to be true' photos that have like 10,000,000,000 pins on Pinterest but don't say the polish name.  This photo to be exact.

Bottom line: It's ok.  Not unique and a bit gloppy, but pretty.  Worth the sale price, for sure, since even the shelf price on these is decent.  It's far better matte than glossy in my opinion.

Another thing I can't's December!?  How did that happen?  Where's March?  Or better yet, where did '12 go?  Anyone else feel like this year has been maybe 78 hours long?


  1. I have a matet Avon polish that looks like the one in your link and it's called 'Inky Blue'. It looks pretty much like that image, but it stains like a bitch, so I'm not a big fan. (There is also a non-matte Avo polish that is called Inky Blue... and it looks very much like your Mazel Too Madness. This might get confusing. Oh and I'm in Romania and I have no idea if the rest of the world gets the same Avon stuff that we do.)

    1. That is confusing! lol That post says it's Avon, so maybe that's the one.

    2. Yeah, the post says Avon and I think I got my polish about 2 years ago, so it matches the date too. If it's that one - don't be sorry you don't have it. I remembered that, in addition to staining like a bitch, it also chips pretty much instantly (even with a top coat).

      And it doesn't look as pretty as in the photo in your link. The photos in this review are more accurate: (but she's way more excited about it than I am.)

      Too bad shipping this out to the US would cost 3x more than the polish itself :)


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