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Revlon Nail Brightener

Not having bright-white nails is the price I pay for wearing nail polish. I'm actually ok with it for the most part, as I don't feel normal with bare nails. But sometimes, there is no color/art/whatever that feels right, and having superyellowturmericlooking nails isn't really appealing when out in public.

There are tons and tons of nail-whitening products and recipes, and eventually I'll get to trying those out for you guys. But sometimes you just want to slap on a product and call it a day. That's where this stuff comes in. I think it actually makes a difference in the appearance of my nails. Plus, I get the "no-color" look, but don't have to suffer the feeling of no polish.

To my eye, this stuff works. I don't feel like the yellow peeks through that badly. It has a slight shimmer to it, which reminds me of the mid 90's WnW sheer white polish that I had a teenager. It's not too pronounced though, so with the addition of a matte top coat, you might be able to get away with this at anti-polish workplaces or schools.

I only have two problems with this stuff: it's streaky and it takes forever to dry. I went to bed about 30 minutes after applying it, and I woke up to my very own "textured" polish. Thankfully (kinda) the streaks hide most of the blanket prints. It also still feels kinda tacky the next morning, which is icky. I think next time, I'll actually use a base and top coat for this.

You can see, compared to my bare nails in this post, that it does really work. And for less than $10, I think it's a damned good option. I just wish it applied differently.


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