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My Picks from China Glaze Happy HoliGlaze

Today's polishes are yet more from my epic nail supply haul back in October.  I'm not even done yet!  I'd been stalking the store as often as I could get to it...which luckily for my wallet and my relationship isn't all that often, but they were oddly slow to get new collections.  On that trip suddenly they had EVERYTHING.  It was great, but it also meant I had to be picky.  Out of twelve shades in China Glaze's Happy HoliGlaze collection, I went with the three full-coverage microglitters.  I love a few of their previous polishes with this finish, so the choice was obvious....though I'm sorta regretting not buying Your Present Required.  I might have to get it next time if they still have it.  All of today's swatches are three coats of glitter without undies.  Shorter nails would probably be fine with two, but I needed a third.

This Is Tree-mendous has a mix of green and gold microglitter in a clear base.

Of the three microglitters, This Is Tree-mendous is the only one with a mix of colors.  It gets it more personality and I wish they'd made all three like this.  The formula's not the easiest, but isn't awful either.  For some reason, I had an easier time with this one than with the other two.

Put A Bow On It has fuchsia microglitter in a clear base.

I had some application issues with this one.  It was a bit gloppy and seemed thicker than the others.  Still, I do like the color.  Some silver or purple would have been nice, but it's flattering and not too pink for me.

On a non-polish note, I'm happy that the Winter Solstice is almost here.  The days are absurdly short lately.  It's making the sunlight go soft and warm way too early and I feel like my photos are suffering.  Bleh.  One more week and they'll start getting longer again.  As much as I love night, I love swatching even more and I prefer natural light even though I have a daylight lamp now.

All Wrapped Up is indigo microglitter in a clear base.

I don't know why, but I feel a bit flat about All Wrapped Up.  It's ok and could be a nice accent nail, but I wish they'd thrown in some silver glitter too.  It lacks...something, to me anyway.

Bottom line: This Is Tree-mendous has the most personality of the three, thanks to a bit of gold.  My bottle of Put A Bow On It was on the thick side, but the color is nice.  All Wrapped Up is pretty, but doesn't really do it for me somehow.

...and yes, I posted on a Saturday.  I've been having some trouble sleeping.  I have a bunch of things to post before the big day in a week and a half (holy shit!), so Friday's post became Saturday's.  I can't believe how quickly the holiday season is zipping past!


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