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Celia Is Here...And Here...And Here Too...

So the plan was to review Dance Legend Celia and use my mani as a "swatch" like I did with Knight.  Unfortunately, washing my hair caused the polish to lift a little on one nail, so change of plans...stamping!  I recently bought Pueen's new Stamping Buffet collection (it's been selling out, so I got it from Amazon) and was itching to use it.  After testing out a lot of different images and polishes on my other fingers, I wound up going with this...

It's a bit "you are here", isn't it?  I didn't realize until after I was done that this image looks like Google Maps place markers.  Considering the shifting colors, it feels slightly ironic.  Celia is astounding though, isn't it?  The Chameleons were 100% worth the price and the wait.  This is one coat over Finger Paints Black Expressionism as the base.  The stamping is Cult Nails Nevermore (thanks again, birthday girl!) and Pueen 57.  Nevermore is so great for stamping!  The Pueen plates work well, though I'm not really showing their true versatility.  Because each plate in this set is one BIG image, they work on nails of any length and have pretty much infinite options for exactly what winds up on your nails.  I love this style and I hope more companies do them!  I stayed "traditional" this time, with the same image on each nail, because the base color is so dynamic.  Celia shifts crazily through blue, purple, fuchsia, and into orange.  At times there's a hint of larger shimmer visible in among the smoother, more metallic finish.

The shift in the Chameleons seems too good to be true, but believe me, it's every bit as intense as it looks here.  They're mind-bendingly awesome!  The stamping only enhances it.

I kept tilting my fingers around...and I'm just gonna keep tilting them at you now!

The colors are slightly different every time you look.  It was so distracting wearing Celia (pre-stamping) for a couple of days.  Holos have nothing on multichromes as far as I'm concerned....though Dance Legend is coming out with holo Chameleons soon.  Tempting!  For now though....this is all I could ever want in a polish.  I can't imagine that holo bits could improve it.  I mean...this...

...turns to this...

...and then to this...

...and I die.  Dead.  Dead of shift-overload.  Absolutely stunning!

I'm so torn between wanting to swatch all of these ASAP and knowing that I'll be sad to take them off.  Nail blogger problems!


  1. Multichromes are dangerous for me because I will sit there in class and ogle my nails. Then my friends will start doing it if they're next to me. I snagged a bottle of Picture Polish Aurora and it's going to be bad when I wear it!


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