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Dance Legend Knight

I decided that Knight needs a post all to itself.  Well...another post.  I already teased it a little.  I'm battling with a very strong urge to show you ALL THE PHOTOS.  I took around 150, I think.  Knight shifts so intensely that it's a little different in each photo.  I also figured I might as well get this post up ASAP, since it's limited edition but has been restocked on Dance Legend's site.  HURRY!!  US retailers have had the Chameleons for like five minutes a couple of times, but I never manage to catch these kind of things, so I broke down and ordered direct from Russia.  The shipping time to the US is a month or two, but it is entirely worth it, as you're about to see.  No bottom line on this one.  It's phenomenal and you need it!

Knight is an intensely shifty metallic multichrome that goes from copper to deep periwinkle.

two coats over black

What's the big deal?  It looks like just another Chanel Peridot dupe, right?  Nope!

When Zeus first saw it on me, he said it looked like OPI Just Spotted The Lizard.  When he saw it again at a different angle a few hours later, he didn't realize it was the same polish.  The shift really is exactly as intense as it looks here.  It's a tad on the brushstrokey side, but...I don't even care!  I was too distracted by the shift to really even notice.  This is two coats, over black for oomph, but one was plenty when I wore it as a full mani.  I added a second coat the next day for these photos because of a very weird reaction.  When I put Seche Vite on over it, it wrinkled up so badly that it almost looked like a crackle!  I was distraught, but then suddenly it smoothed most of the way back out!  I was bewildered, but very relieved.  I used NYC Grand Central Station instead for the new coat.  I don't think the black base is necessary, but the bottles are tiny and expensive, so I wanted to minimize the amount I used.  Anyway...back to the shifty glory...  At some angles it almost looks like gold-to-black, when the warmth of the gold cuts the coolness of the blue.

...and then other times it's deep and coppery.  This stuff is unbelievable!

I threw a bunch more photos down to the bottom of the post, but I figured I might as well show it off all tilty too...

Unreal, I tell you, unreal!

It even has moments where it borders on silvery.

I mattified it because...I'm me.  It gives it a cool brushed metal look.

I think Knight looks better glossy, but anything shifty always looks cool mattified.

...and because enough is never enough, have some more photos!

If the others are this extreme, they might each get their own post.  We'll see.


  1. WOWZA!
    Gorgeous pics, I can’t wait till my very own bottle of Knight arrives, love the crazy strong shift!

    1. Thanks! :D You'll love it! It can be a bit distracting while driving though. lol

  2. This polish really is amazing. I will have to try these out, I don't have any Dance Legends currently. Thanks for sharing! :-)


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