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Foil Pouch Review: MD Solar Sciences Mineral Creme SPF50

I am always on the search for the perfect sunscreen for my face. I can deal with greasy lotions on my body, but not my face. I need a sunscreen that won't send my makeup slipping off my face within an hour. This mild obsession causes me to snatch up any and every sunscreen sample I come across on the off-chance that it might be The One. When I ordered my Bite Beauty Lipstick Duo, I picked up this sample from Sephora.

I have to say, I am fairly pleased.

When I opened the package, I expected a cream like every other to come spurting out. (I'm terrible with opening these things. I might as well use a hammer.) Instead, this stuff was thick. It felt like Smashbox primer, if you have ever tried that. It's very thick, and almost paste-feeling. But light. It's weird. If you've used a silicone makeup primer, that is exactly what this feels like. Not an unpleasant feeling, but surprising. It makes sense, since the first ingredient is Dimethicone.

My Thoughts:

It says its "a naturally derived, mineral-based SPF 50 broad spectrum sunscreen specifically formulated for acne and rosacea-prone skin." I don't have acne prone skin these days, but if my family history proves true, then I am well on my way to having rosacea. (hooray genes!) I was very surprised at how soothing this stuff is. I think because its super siliconey, it is easy to gently rub it in completely. When your cheeks are constantly irritated, the rubbing that some sunscreens require is just not worth the effort. To work in that white caste, you don't have to work near as hard with this stuff as you do with some sunscreens.  It has all sorts of plant extracts and whatnot, and while I have no idea if they are beneficial for particular ailments, they are good in general for your skin. Though the fact that they are last on the list makes me wonder how much is actually in there.

I tried this stuff out under makeup, since that is my main concern. I'm not out in the sun, unprotected, for extended periods of time these days. I want something that will protect me a bit, and play nice with my makeup. I actually wore it when I did my Ipsy face (and now you know how weirdly I schedule my posts) and I was really pleased. I applied makeup at about 1:50pm, and when I took it off at 10pm, it was still as matte looking and vibrant as it was when fresh. I think that is fairly impressive. 

When I run out of my current sunscreen, this stuff is at the top of my shopping list...for now. You can check it out for yourself here.

*For the curious, here is my face, with just Cerave and the Mineral Creme. No extra redness, no shiny, no ghostly pale caste.


  1. I'll stick to Alba Botanica. twice as much for 1/3 the price. I find putting on a couple of drops of jojoba oil before mineral sunscreen makes it way easier to apply.

    1. I haven't tried that, but I will definitely look into it.


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