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Neutral-On-Neutral Stamping

I never know what to call posts that aren't swatches!  Today I've got two random-ish stampy things.  The first was my SFW mani for a few days last week.  The other was done over a previous work mani, but the result wasn't what I'd call SFW.  It was sorta a 'just because' before I changed my polish.  First up, the SFW one...

This is Zoya Flynn stamped with Color Club Cherubic, from one of their Halo Hues collections.  The delicate filigree is the fifth image in the seventh row on Cheeky's Princess Charming plate.  After eyeing them for ages, I finally broke down and ordered more Cheeky plates.  I got this set of five.  Cheeky might be my all-around favorite stamp image brand.  Big plates are easier to store, for starters.  Their images are crisp and transfer well.  The price is good and their variety is broad.  I really hope they come out with even more this year!  Cherubic stamped well, but I expected it to.  I've seen a ton of stamping with this collection and I actually bought Cherubic and Cosmic Fate specifically for stamping.  I loved watching the rainbows dance around in such a delicate pattern.

I had a really hard time figuring out what to stamp over Sinful Colors Taupe It Off!

I wound up using KleanColor Metallic Brown and the MoYou Back To The 70's - 02 plate. Zeus made a face at it, but I like it.  It reminds me of fossil shells.

Mattifying it gave it an almost psychedelic look...if taupe ever looks psychedelic...

I sometimes toy with the idea of stamping more and swatching less.  Then I try write a stamping post and I blank on what to say!  It always sends me right back to the safety of swatching.  Plus Zoya's new Magical Pixie Dust trio should be at my door in a few hours...


  1. Hi Amanda! I've seen you post to reddit a lot and I love your stuff! I'm doing this Liebster award post thingy (chain mail, I know...but it's actually kinda fun!) and I nominated you! Check out the post and pass it on if you like :) thanks!


  2. I really like the 2nd one, the stamping almost looks like its floating on top, like a stencil or something.

    Oooooo, pixie holos ! I KNOW how excited you are about those ;)

  3. I'm so impressed with the stampability of the Color Club Holos! This post has convinced me that these are next on my must-buy list. I am as crazy as I am for nail stamping as I am for regular crafty rubber stamping, and I am always on the lookout for blog posts *just like this*. Show some images being stamped with interesting combinations of affordable, easy to find lacquers and I'm a happy reader/


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