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Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick Duo: Swatches and Review

You know me, I'm a sucker for sales. I can't help it. I see a good deal, and my brain gets all wobbly on me. Such was the case with the Bite Beauty duo here...$12 for two lip colors? The full sizes retail for $24, which is above my "oooh, shiny" threshold. When I saw the price of this little guy, I had to grab it.

I'm so glad I did.

This guy is a double ended lipstick. It's small size makes it perfect for tucking into a purse or pocket. I can see this being a great thing for people who travel regularly, as its two lip colors in the space of less-than-one. I also love that the caps to each end snap reassuringly when you close them up. I hate losing the caps to things in the bottomless chasm that is my purse...not to mention the fuzzy horror that is a capless lipstick.

These apply like a dream. Violet needed two swipes to get an opaque layer, but Palomino only needed one. Smooth and creamy, they are exactly what I dream about when I dream of my perfect lipstick. My only complaint is that Palomino has a faint floral scent/taste to it. Not unpleasant in the least, but noticeable. I am not fond of scents/flavors in my lip products in general...they can often go so wrong. But any problems I could have about that smell/taste is wiped away by the awesome pigment and comfortable wear.

Speaking of wear: HOLYSHITGUYS. I applied Palomino straight out of the box, just minutes after its arrival. (Lets say this was about 3pm) I drank water, tea, had dinner, had a lollipop...and my lipstick was just starting to fade a bit. When I went to bed around 10pm, my lips were still a deep rich pink. I applied my normal lip balm and went to sleep. At 8am the next lips were still stained. This stuff has some power. It's creamy, and I assumed that would mean it would be slipping off my face at the first opportunity. But it wears like a matte. The only other lipstick I have with anywhere near this much oomph is MAC Heroine.

You need dis.


Sephora's website describes this as a vibrant purple. It is...though a little pink leaning on me. This would be the perfect lipstick to buy if you love the crazy purple lip trend, but have to dress like an adult for 8 hours a day. It's just on the everyday side of OMGPURPLE.


This one is described as a vibrant magenta. It reminds me more of a fuchsia, but that might be semantics. It reminds me of a cooler toned version of Urban Decay Catfight, which I love and adore. Like I said above, it has serious staying power. Don't put this on and expect to wear a nude lip later that day.

It is $12 on right now, and it comes in two colors. I am definitely going to pick up the neutral one too. This might be the start of a beautiful obsession.


  1. I bought this too! I was a little disappointed that the Violet shade didn't pull more purple, but I suppose the pinkiness in it makes it more wearable for every day.

    1. I want the neutral one too. It's hard to ignore thant price tag. I think that Violet could be amped up over a more purple lip liner...or even a black. So many possibilities.

  2. This is incredibly impressive! I need them!!

    1. they are! And its the perfect "wet your toes" size and price!

  3. These are two colors TOTALLY out of my comfort zone but the formula looks fabulous and for a price like that, who can resist? Totally worth playing around with.

    1. They have a neutral duo as well...that I might buy. But I really recommend this one. It's such a nice way to try some brights!


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