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Zoya "Try 3 Free" Haul: 2014

I'm guessing that the "try 3 free" business is an annual thing? This same time last year, I picked up three others for only $12 shipped. I was kinda disappointed in the colors I chose last time. Not that I didn't love them, but Zoya's on-site "swatches" are a bit of a joke. (Thank the gods for polish bloggers!) This time, I had the sense to search for other pictures when I made my choices. After much internal debate, I managed to pick just three.

**funny story: I originally opted not to buy any polish during this sale. But my hoarder tendencies finally got the better of me, and I realized that I needed Taylor at least...I placed my order at 11:59pm central...and the sale expired at midnight central time. 


two coats + top coat

Taylor has been described as a "honey beige" but that doesn't ring true to me. I think of that in terms of foundation, and this is definitely too light to be a honey beige. It's more of an Ivory shade, if we are speaking in makeup related terms. Amanda swatched the whole Naturel collection a while ago, and when I saw Taylor, I knew I needed to give it a try. It's pretty damned close to being my perfect nude. It's just slightly too beige for my skin. But it applied like a dream, and it will definitely work as a solid nude for me. 


three coats + two coats of top coat

Charisma is such a great color. I could not, for the life of me, capture it correctly. It is a vivid, flourescent fuchsia. I tried in my lightbox, in sunlight, in filtered daylight, in dim dice. It's super thin and flowing, which can make it a little hard to control. Like other neons, it also dries matte and tends to accentuate nail flaws. I needed a coat of Gelous and Seche Vite to make it smooth. To my memory, it looks to be a dead-ringer for Sinful Colors Dream On. Expect a comparison post in the very near future.


three coats + top coat

Cassedy is a silvery green metallic/foil sort of thing. It has a similar finish to a couple of Color Club polishes, but without that awful frothy-ness that a lot of polishes like this tend to have. It reminds me a little of Urban Decay Addiction/Revlon Rich/OPI Number One Nemesis. I may have to compare them soon, as well. I think that this is more silvery, whereas the others are more gold/olive. This was actually my last pick, and I am so glad I grabbed it. I think it'll go nicely with a lot of different colors.

Did you partake in the Zoya sale? What did you get?


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