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Sassy Satin Shorts

Sometimes I know exactly what result I want before I even start stamping.  Other times it just sorta happens.  This was one of those somewhat random times.  After swatching Sinful Colors Black Cherry for yesterday's post, I knew I wanted to do some kind of Valentine's Day stamping.  I started by looking through my plates, since I didn't even have a specific image in mind.  Bundle Monster's BM-421 plate jumped right out at me.  It had the perfect image...

I giggled childishly as I stamped these mean little hearts with Sally Hansen Red-io Active.  The more I looked my nails, the more they reminded me of novelty satin boxers.  Sinful Colors Matte Finish gave them the perfect level of shine and tied the look together perfectly.

They say all kinds of horrible things beyond just the "don't call me", "not tonight", and "go away" that you can hopefully see here.  There's also "loser", "omgwtf", "stalker", and a few others.  I got a kick out of them when I first got that bunch of plates, but they're even more amusing on.  My only gripe is that the image is just the right size for one nail.  A bigger "infinite" image (like some from MoYouVivid Lacquer, or Pueen) would have let me position them with more variety.  I really hope that style of plate takes off.  There are so many possibilities!

Going backwards a bit...  Like most of my stamping, I started it off as just an accent.  My only regret in how the final result looked is that it hid the gorgeous vampy color of Black Cherry.

It looked good shiny too, but the only-kinda-matte Matte Finish really was the right finishing touch.  Satin's not this shiny.

In case you missed it yesterday, Nichole is spreading a little love this week too, with another Octopus Party giveaway!


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