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Anne Kathleen Snowfall in Silver

promotional samples

It is no secret by now that shiny things make my heart flutter. I know that, you know that...hell, I bet Santa knows it (hint hint, fatman. Diamonds are shiny too). When I was offered the chance to swatch the Winter collection for Anne Kathleen, you can probably guess my level of excitement...especially when she told me it was five silvery holos jam-packed with holo glitter. After my head exploded, I got to swatching.

I think this will be the first time that I haven't posted at least one version of every picture I took. After the first forty-five pictures were uploaded to the blog, I decided that perhaps some brevity was in order. (I will absolutely make a slideshow of all of these if you guys want.) For the sake of the blog, I spent an hour and change picking out the best of the best pictures to share. You guys. SHINY THINGS. ALL OF THEM. 

We shall start with my favorite. This is a linear holo stuffed to the gills with teeny tiny holo bar glitters. It absolutely reminds me of hyperspace and makes me sad that I am not an outer-space explorer.  Now, this is labeled as a topper...but it actually builds up to opacity pretty easily. I used three coats, and there was no VNL to be seen. Admittedly, I was blinded by the shiny...

three coats

one coat over sinful colors easy going

 Another linear holo here, but this one is brimming with hexes of multiple sizes. I think this one is possibly the best straight-topper in the bunch. It has enough holo magic in the base to dazzle the people on Mars, but not so much that it will give you trouble over dark colors. I tried to build it up, but the tiny hexes are too delicate after four coats, and it clouds the effect. Tldr: this one is the topper you need.

one thin coat over NYC Tudor City Teal

Ahhhh squares! I have a serious soft spot for not-hex glitter. Its so unusual (for me) and it really opens up the possibilities of use as far as I am concerned. This one is amazing. Look at it. Lousy with shiny. Drenched in it. *drool....* Ahem, yes. Shiny things. This is another multitasker. Opaque at three coats, or a great topper in one. I love glitters with options.

three coats

one thin coat over some random color club

Ever wanted to be a star? about just your fingertips? This is a super holo topper filled with stars. Seriously. Small and large stars. The best part is that the tiny stars need no fishing/dabbing to get them out. The bigger ones need a little fiddling, but not obnoxiously so.

in the sun & over orly mirror mirror

This last polish, poor thing. I swatched it as a nice storm rolled into the bay. So all we can see is the crazy amount of sparkle and glitter under my lightbox. I even wore this for three days longer than normal, on the off chance the sun would peek out...but nope. It is such a shame, because this might be the shiniest one of the bunch. I only needed two coats to get completely opaque, and it was crazy-shiny. There are hexes, and holo, and...yeah. Wow. Did I call the hyperspace Silvia my favorite? Can I still change my vote?

And there it is. The first tldr swatch-porn post. I am not at all sure how I feel about it. You may get another youtube slideshow from me at some point, depending on my level of unease with not showing every single amazing little glimmer of holo in this collection.

Have you ever tried Anne Kathleen polish? Is there another color I should try out next? I admit that I am considering the whole Heather on the Moor collection next. Dusty purples and neon? YSPLS.


  1. I've never heard of that brand before, but now I want Silvana really really really badly! :D

    1. its so shiny! many times can I use that damned word? Perhaps I need a thesaurus for xmas?

  2. I would probably use the 3 coats of Silvia for new years!

  3. Holy crap, I think I might actually like a bar glitter. Usually I hate it (stupid hairy glitters) but Silvia is amaze-balls!! Damn.

    1. I KNOW. I have exactly one other bar glitter, and that was accidental. But this one...I actually like it.

  4. OMG in heaven, those are so amazingggg I LOVE glitter !! Silver looks stunning!


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