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Recycled Water Marble

I love water marbles. They are beautiful and serene and perfect. They also make me rage. It's always a crapshoot whether or not they are going to turn out like I think. This is one of those times when I just have to shrug and say "good enough." I like the colors, I just regret the particular polishes.

Colors Used
China Glaze Recycle
Wet'n'Wild Black Creme
Essie E-nuf is E-nuf

If you are going to be using that WnW to marble, make sure you are doing it over a dark color. It isn't fabulous. Especially when marbling. It is perfectly serviceable for nail art...just not this technique. But really, what do you want for a buck?

Are you like me? Do you often throw things into a pot and hope for the best? That is what I've been doing a lot lately, and for the most part it is paying off. I definitely feel more inspired lately, which is good for bloggy things!


  1. I think we're looking at two different water marbles because this is gorgeous! I'm just hit and miss with water marbles. I like Wet n Wild, Sinful Colors, and Barielle for them, but have troubles with any other brand. :/

    1. I think I have a hard time looking at things with an objective eye. I can see every misstep I took along the way. :/

      Opi and Orly behave really well for me, but because of the price I only use those on special occasions.


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