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Stash Spam - Drugstore, High End, Imports, Store Brands, and more

Thanksgiving pretty much ran me over, but in a good way.  Great meal and always good to see my family and their pets.  Time to get back to the stash spam though!  Today we're finishing up in Helmer 3 (which is in my closet) and moving to the boxes.  There's a lot of variety in this one, so if you see a brand you don't recognize, just ask.  I'll try to actually reply, though I have issues with blogger comments not working.

Drugstore stuff (mostly):

Discontinued drugstore brands:

High end, imports, indies, and boutique brands:

Store brands and exclusives:

...and I'm STILL not done!  One more of these to go, believe it or not.


  1. Chameleon was my go to polish for YEARS! I had one of the ones that had a blue-purple shift, and if I was going somewhere nice, I'd toss it on.

    This was, of course, back when I thought it was nuts that I had a grand total of five nail polishes.

    1. I only got a few until they went on clearance those two times. I think the price was too high and that was part of why the brand flopped. :\

  2. Now I'm on a Essence love spree. The brand is crazy in Germany with the special effects stuff.

    1. I know! I wish they were easier to get in the US!


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