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Stash Spam - China Glaze, OPI, NOPI, SOPI, and Sally Hansen

Last week I hinted at something big and swatchless this week.  My collection has been a mess for months and I realized that the only way to fix that and still have anything to post was to post the collection.  No better time than a holiday week right?

Piles like that look cool until there's a big one on your bedroom floor with pretty much every polish you've bought and/or used in the past three-ish months.  Then they're just annoying and cumbersome.  I get 60-ish polishes a month on average and pull numerous others from storage to wear, compare, whatever.  If I don't keep up with putting them away, things get chaotic really quickly.

I store all of this in three Ikea Helmers and numerous plastic shoeboxes.  I kinda wanted to burn Kmart down when they stopped carrying KIS Omniboxes, because they're perfect.  No point though, since there probably won't be any Kmarts in a couple of years anyway.  Jerks.

These posts would be endless if I posted every single photo individually, so I've grouped brands/types into collages.  Some got cropped out to make the collages even.  I'll post a link to an imgur album of the full photos at the end of the week.  Today's bunch are some of the brands I have the most of.  As it goes on, there will be more variety.

China Glaze:


Nicole by OPI and Sephora by OPI:

Sally Hansen:

Going through my collection like this always makes me want to wear them ALL right NOW.  I need way more hands.

I'll be back tomorrow with more pretty bottles in rows.  See you then!


  1. Wow! This looks like my collection except I have a LOT of Sinful Colors/Sinful Shine

  2. Ow, Don't say that. Kmart is where I find collections first.

  3. I think I have more China Glaze than you! I have significantly less of everything else though. XD


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