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Minimalist Princess: Pocahontas

See, I'm sticking with this one! It is definitely more challenging than I initially thought it was gonna be...but in for a penny, in for a pound...right?

I think the reason that this is so hard for me because I am not minimal. At all. What is that thing that is the opposite of minimal? Because I'm that. Totally and completely. But I do enjoy a good challenge. 

I was inspired by Pocahontas, and my desire to use this particular Fingerpaints polish. I stared and stared at pictures from the movie...for hours...until I finally noticed the little henna-looking arm band she was rocking. I knew that would make a pretty neat nail design. I tried it with a sharpie...but it didn't quite work out.

Colors Used
Fingerpaints NeoGothic Nude
OPI I Knead Sourdough

This one gave me a little trouble...I am no good with brushes, and this would have been much better with a precise line. I think I did all right though, considering I did it with a dotting tool.

I'm still not sure what/who I will be doing next week. But I can promise that it will be a very thought-out/obsessed-over design. Any and all suggestions are welcome!


  1. You did this with a dotting tool!? O.o wow that's seriously impressive! I really love this, especially that it's not perfect! Also I have that base color (it's one of my favorite nudes) so I may need to try this for Thanksgiving ;)

    1. I cant handle wee brushes, so its dotting tools or nothing for me! I'm kinda liking the imperfection as the day goes on as well:D

      Neo Gothic Nude is amazing. On everyone. It should be a staple.


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