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Urban Decay Chaos

Happy Friday kids! I am currently enjoying my tri-weekly peace and quiet time. It is glorious. While I plot and plan, here is a nice swatch of one of the only bright blues I actually like!

Chaos is a bright cobalt with a silvery pearl. It isn't as dark as most, and maybe that's why I actually liked wearing it? I'm not sure...blues really aren't a big favorite of mine. I like them in the bottle, and I don't think they look bad on me...but they just don't blow up my skirt much.

This one covered nicely in two coats, but I added a third because I'm insane. It wears well, and is definitely worth adding to the collection. Unless you already have a pearly medium cobalt. Or if you can't find this one sale. I picked this up for dirt cheap from Hautelook, so I definitely feel like I got a good deal.

I think this might be a last hurrah for me when it comes to Urban Decay. I was a fangirl from waaaay back. When I imagined what my grown-ass-person-makeup-collection was like, it was basically all UD all the time. But as I grew up, UD mellowed. I even sold one of my Naked palettes off...I think I might just be over them. It makes me sad, because it really is like putting a dream down.

So what do you think? Are blues for you? What about Urban Decay? Or have you, like me, grown apart from them? It really is a bummer...Roach was such a lovely color.


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