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Minimalist Princess: Cinderella

Another streamlined and simple manicure, fit for a princess. This week its Cinderella, whom I consider the most painfully white-bread of all the princesses...with the exception of maybe Snow White.

Regardless of her "rather boring" status, I do like Cinderella. She's pretty, she has bad-ass minions (Gus-gus, y'all) and she wears a pretty dress there at the end. I decided that I needed to do something slightly referential...but that remained unique from Elsa. Who knew Disney reused that color palette so often! Was there a sale on blue ink?

Colors Used
Octopus Party Baptism
Octopus Party Twice as Ice
NYC Cashmere 
Zoya Blu
Anne Kathleen Silvestra
(nyc matte top coat)

Now, normally holographics and glitters don't really marble well. They like to spread. I sandwiched Twice as Ice in between Cashmere and Blu which kept it in line. I dropped Silvestra in the middle, and she pushed everything out towards the edge like a wave. What you see here is my putting my whole hand in at once. I kinda like how sparse the glitters are on the middle fingers, and how delicate the little bit of marble is on the outer ones.

bitch please...

So who should be next? I'm thinking Aurora, because I have a definite plan. But then I'm also considering Tianna. I do love the greens in that movie. Give me some direction in the comments!


  1. Wow that's really elegant :)

    I'd love to see Aurora and Rapunzel!

  2. I really love that glitter in this one! Tianna might be nice since you love greens and with the holidays greens go over well. But as long as you're painting your nails I doubt anyone would mind what it is ;)

  3. This is probably my favorite of this series so far!

    1. yeah? Hmmm. I dont think I have a favorite yet.


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