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Throwback Thursday - Gap Orbit

 purchased by me 

Ever suddenly need to wear a certain polish?  After a week away from pretty much the whole world while I had the flu, I was hit with a random urge to swatch one of the oldest polishes in my collection.  Nichole decided I should do a weekly-ish series of "vintage" polish swatches, and so begins my Throwback Thursday feature.  Kicking it off with Gap Orbit.

Gap polishes in bottles like this are from around 2000.  I think I bought it at a Gap Outlet after xmas '00, but I worked at babyGap in 2001 so maybe I bought it then.  Dunno.  As far as I know there wasn't a single photo of it online until now.  The hilarious part is that the price on the back is $2.99.  Remember when Gap was fairly affordable?  If you do, you must be old too.  Anyway...this is three coats and the application is odd.  It goes on like a so-so franken made with eyeshadow.  Most of the red color to the base seems to come from that type of powdery pigment, so the application is a little draggy and the cleanup was awkward.  The holo bits aren't scattered holo flecks, but microglitter.  The pigment makes it dry a little matte and the glitter makes it slightly lumpy.  It took a lot of topcoat (NYC GCS, then Gelous, then SV, then GCS/SV blend) to smooth out and gloss up.  Polish is so much better these days than it used to be!  It's still pretty despite its issues.

The holo doesn't show as much on the nail as it does in the bottle, but the glitter still gives it a nice depth and twinkle.  It was a favorite of mine back then and I'm enjoying it now too.  My tastes have definitely expanded, but they've never really changed.

I have to give serious thanks to my younger self for treating the bottle well too.  I was 18-ish when I bought Orbit and I don't think I'd worn in it yet this decade, but look at how non-gunky the threads are.  This is the "messy" side.  The other side is spotless.

Good job, teen me!  I may have sucked at the nail side of doing my nails back then, but my oldies are still in good shape...and you'll be seeing many more of them.

 all products in this post were purchased by me 


  1. Yay for this feature! I have a ton of oldies from 1998-2000 and would love to have official swatch pics of them to add to my inventory spreadsheet.

  2. I love this idea!

    I'm also incredibly jealous. Every old bottle of polish I've found of mine has either been completely solidified, or watery.


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