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China Glaze Well Trained and Lug Your Designer Baggage

 purchased by me 

It took some searching, but I finally tracked down a bottle of Lug Your Designer Baggage!  It was on clearance AND I had a birthday coupon.  Woooo!  Heads up if you're a Sally Beauty shopper, whatever's left from The Giver and All Aboard is on clearance now.  Apocalypse Of Color too, but the stores here always tuck the Halloween clearance away until after xmas.  When I bought Choo-Choo Choose You, I wound up with Mind The Gap too because they were out of Lug Your Designer Baggage.  This time I wound up with an unexpected "extra" too.  I needed a couple more dollars on my total to use the birthday coupon, so Well Trained came home with me too.

Well Trained is a deep teal cream.

I have a lot of teal creams.  A lot.  A damn lot.  I'd never have gotten Well Trained if not for the coupon, but now that I have it?  It's a one-coater!  Always good to find another one, though I think it's dupey for another in my collection.  The formula is quite thick and I had pinprick bubbling on one nail, but otherwise it's fine.

Lug Your Designer Baggage is a deep taupey brown with gold flakes and shimmer.

Totally worth tracking down!  I like it even more than I thought I would!  Decent two-coat formula, but there's a strong camphor smell that bugged my asthma a bit.  Worth a tiny bit of wheezing for something pretty and semi-SFW.  The flakes are a lot like Essie As Gold As It Gets, though not as dense...and in a brown base, of course.  It really does remind me of old leather!

Bottom line: Lug Your Designer Baggage is one of two standouts from this bunch, though Choo-Choo Choose You is the only real must-have.  Well Trained is a good one-coat cream.

Did you wind up with anything from All Aboard?  Any favorites?

 all products in this post were purchased by me 


  1. You mentioned dupes/near-dupes to Well-Trained. Care to tell us any for those of us who missed this one entirely?

    1. My biggest suspicion is Sinful Colors Calypso, but I wonder about an old CQ and maybe OPI Ski Teal We Drop.

  2. Coupons make buying nail polish so much easier. :D

  3. When I first started seeing promos for this collection, I wasn't thrilled. But when swatches started popping up, I fell in love! I need to pick up Don't Get Derailed and Nice Caboose to complete the set. I haven't wanted a complete set since OPI Brazil.

    I am currently wearing One Track Mind on my toes, and it is a wonderful pedi color. I can't wait to try it on my fingers next.

    Are we still doing Use it or Loose it? I missed last week and am keeping up with my products.


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