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Baroness X Southland Sunset: The Glitters

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I like glitter. I like neon. I like neons that react to UV light. So...I'm pretty much in heaven right now. My recent obsession with hand-placing glitter has given me a whole new level of adoration for glitter toppers so I was pretty stoked to find these on my doorstep. Baroness X has managed to nail (no pun intended) coordinating glitter toppers that are at once loud and subdued. 

Sunset Boulevard
Sunset Blvd is a mix of fuchsia and iris medium hexes, small hot pink hexes, tiny yellow, lime, and orange hexes, and finally some bars thrown in for good measure. I found it to be almost crazy-dense, and for most cases I think one coat will do just fine. I was surprised to find that the bar glitters didn't stick up and force me to pick them out. I generally avoid bar glitters because it seems like they were born to defy me. I can wear them for a few hours before I'm taking a pair of cuticle nippers to my manicure, trying to clip every sharp bit off.

It has a cooler tone to it and I love it over the cooler toned creams in this collection. But I think it would also stand out nicely against the warmer shades. I also kinda want to try this against a black and white, or a gradient of the Topanga Teal and Laguna Lime...I have a lot of ideas when it comes to this glitter.

two coats + Venice Beach Violet

one coat + Topanga Teal
one coat + Palisades Pink

Mullholland Drive
In the bottle, Mullholland Drive reminds me of Mrs. Roper...or my grandmother's (who is devastatingly stylish btw) couch from my childhood. I think it is the warm gold, mustard, and orange tones paired with the coral and pink.  But once you throw a thin coat of this on the nail, it becomes a very modern retro collection of glitters. I really love how this one looks so completely different over different colors. I could be convinced that it is a different polish if I didn't know any better.

one coat over Venice Beach Violet
one coat over Laguna Lime
one coat over Latigo Indigo
one coat over Santa Monica Mint

Do you have a favorite? I find it very hard to pick which one I like better, though I think the vintage 70's vibe of kjhsafka managed to capture my heart completely. It also looks fairly amazing under a UV light! These are available now in the Baroness X shop, along with the Southland Sunsets creams.

I am a sucker for this stuff.
under a blacklight


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