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So I Tried Water Marbling...

It's water marble week on the MakeupAlley Nail Board, so I figured it was a decent time to attempt it.  I didn't succeed...

...obviously!  Not sure exactly where I went wrong.  The attempt order is a little screwy.  My ring nail was my first try, then middle, index, and pinkie.  The polish didn't spread out as much as I think it's supposed to, and I had a tough time dragging it.  Once it was on the nail, there were these weird oily droplets on and under my nails.  I have no clue what that was about.  I tried two different cups, a few different poking objects (toothpicks and a straight pin), and four different polishes.  Initially I thought maybe the two China Glaze shades I tried first were too thick, so I tried two Sally Hansen Xtreme Wears.  Still no.  Now I'm thinking that maybe it's too cold in here.  Whatever it was...this is a failure, but not a defeat.

I'll try again at some point...maybe when it's warmer.  Something other than China Glaze though.  Their polishes contain camphor.  The vapors made me cough and I think it's why my fingers itched for a while after doing this.  I'm more amused than discouraged.  I've dubbed it a "water blorple", since it's really not a marble.  The Beard said it looks like the backdrop in a fishtank.  He's so right!  It does.


  1. I read that polished that are quick-dry or contain hardeners (China Glaze) don't marble very well. OPI has worked well for me in the past, maybe because they don't dry too quickly and generally have a thinnish consistency. Also, maybe the fumes making you cough made the polish dry faster? Just a thought, but breathing into the cup can make the polish dry and drag. Good luck with your next attempt!

  2. Make sure you are using distilled water, it makes a huge difference. I've never water marbled in the winter, I would think the colder air would lengthen drying time? I used Sinful Colors when I was marbling all the time a few years ago, most of them worked really well :) hope that helps.


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