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Ice Creamy Seriotype

promotional samples ahead

When I opened up the box containing the Southland Sunsets collection from Baroness X, I knew there would be an inordinate amount of nail art coming from these. It is rare to find colors with this much oomph that don't require a white base...which adds an annoying three additional layers to any manicure. I accidentally discovered that these colors do not need the help. They have the oomph all on their own.

Colors Used

Baroness X Malibu Melon
Baroness X Pink Palisades
Baroness X Venice Beach Violet
Baroness X Point Dume Periwinkle
Baroness X Latigo Indigo
Baroness X Topanga Teal 
Baroness X Santa Monica Mint
Baroness X Laguna Lime
China Glaze White on White

So yeah...I used all of the colors. I had painted my nails in the Malibu Melon (which is my soul-mate coral, btw) but I was too sick to hold my camera steady enough to take a decent picture. However, I was not so sick that I could sit completely I decided to play. I started out with the intent of doing a pastellized neon galaxy...but then I got carried away (I blame the drugs, man). It turned into the dreamiest, ice-creamiest seriotype that ever was.


This is definitely not my most careful bit of art. But I love how it turned out. Maybe cold meds are good for my brain, after all?


  1. Not Careful = Gorgeous! I love the way these turned out... And I'm really beginning to be a fan of this style of manicure!!!

    1. so am I! I think they appeal to me because a) I'm a bit of a slob and b) they remind me of unfinished galaxy nails.

  2. I absolutely love this! You are a true #seriotype master!

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful job!


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