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Sally Hansen Velvet Texture in Lavish

I am a fangirl for Sally. I admit it. These last few years have been a bit rough for us, color wise...but I still love her. That is why I can forgive her for trying to keep textured polish around. For now.

I picked this up forever ago at Target. This and the royal blue were all that was left in the display. I don't know when these arrived, but we got them only recently in my neck of the woods. I am not really sure how I feel about these at all yet. 

If you like the idea and look of texture, but hate the feel...these might be for you. I found the texture to these to be completely un-offensive. I would not mind folding sheets or socks while wearing this polish. I also think, from a distance, this does have a velvet-ish/flocked manicure look to it. I really love how matte it looks at arms length. In this color I feel quite vampy and dark, like I'm wearing a dress from Hot Topic circa 1998.

Unfortunately, the application is sad. I used three coats here trying to smooth out the grooves made my the brush. It has too much texture for the brush to handle, but not enough to cover the imperfections. It does cover nicely in two coats, but I am really unhappy with the grooves. My nails aren't the smoothest things ever, but they don't look like the spent 10,000 years below a glacier either. 

I'm also completely surprised that SH missed the boat color-wise. They have a warm "greige" (I'm sorry for using that word.) color called Lush, which is nice...but with the Kylie-Jenner-Lime-Crime-Cashmere-matte-rose-mauve-gray color trend happening, it seems like they could have thrown a color like that out and people would have sold their children for it. Spring seems to be bringing a lot of that color (which I don't hate), and with this being a "velvet" matte polish I feel like it was made for that. Maybe we will see a few more colors as spring approaches?

Will I be buying the rest of these? Probably not. If they come out with a rose-gray color, I might. I am happy with the color I have, but I feel no need to collect the rest. C'mon Sally. You're killing me. 


  1. I lost my mind when these came out and lots of sales and bought every single shade...before reading a single review. Haven't tried yet but the words of warning regarding formula are muy helpful, so thanks!

    1. its a shame because I kinda like the look of them from far off. I mean, good job, SH for trying to keep the trend alive...but maybe lets not.


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