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NEW Wet n Wild Wild Shine - My Picks

 purchased by me 

Wild Shine's got a new look and a bunch of new shades!  I first read about this change on Nouveau Cheap last fall, but the new display didn't turn up in any of my local stores until last month.  The bottles have a strikingly modern look and the shades are predominantly creams.  A few fan favorites like Black Crème, French White Crème, Metallica, and Matte Top Coat have stayed, but there's a lot that's new too.  Former LE shade Who Is Ultra Violet? has also been added to the core collection with this revamp.  Overall, the new shades feel more "now" than the old range.  Look how fresh the five I picked are...

D'oh! is a medium yellow cream.

Great name and great color, but the's a yellow.  If you've worn yellow polish, you know exactly what I mean.  It goes on streaky and takes three coats to even out.  It doesn't self-level either.  Boo.  The name is perfect though.  This is Marge's "mannequin hands" shade.

Nuclear War is an orange crelly.

So juicy!  It's got the "squish" of a jelly, but the coverage is impressive.  This is two coats and only a hint of VNL.

Putting On Airs is a bright sky blue cream.

Not crazy about this one, sad to say.  The formula manages to be kind thin and gloppy at the same time.  This is two coats.

Be More Pacific is a teal cream.

This, however, is a one-coater!  Yay!  Always good to find another one of those.  A word of warning though, it's a skin stainer.  You can see it in the photo above, if you look around the edges of my middle and ring.  If you have even a tiny bit of dead skin around your nails, this polish will turn it teal.  The formula's decent, but thick.

Yo Soy! is a warm, slightly gray pale beige.

after adding thinner
I had all kinds of problems with this one.  The biggest drawback of these new bottles is the akwardness of the cap.  There's no inner cap, so you have to maneuver that plastic lemon wedge around.  Combine that with the flat bottle, and you can guess what happened.  I knocked Yo Soy! clear over while applying it.  It didn't spill.  It's that thick.  That brings me to the next problem.  The formula is thick to the point of being gluey, and it doesn't even try to self-level.  I had to thin it to make it wearable.  Once I did, I really liked it though.  It's not my ideal nude, but it works.  Both the as-is and thinned swatches are two coats. yuck

Bottom line: Supposedly they've been reformulated along with the new look, but these five are still as hit-or-miss as Wild Shine has always been for me.  The cap is also really awkward and makes it easy to knock the bottle over during application.  They're still 99¢ each though, and as dollar polishes go they're still as good as ever.  Nuclear War and Be More Pacific are my top picks from these five.  D'oh! might be worth it just for the name.  Yo Soy! is fine once it's thinned and could be a good nude for a lot of pale people.  Putting On Airs gets a "meh" from me, but might be worth your dollar if you like the color.

Have you tried any of these new Wild Shine shades or others?  Any I should go back for?

 all products in this post were purchased by me 


  1. I am sooo ready to try what's new from WnW.
    Glad to see you posting again :D

  2. Ha! The first thought I had when I saw the new look was jeez that's a stained carpet waiting to happen with my fumble fingers plus the bottle and cap shape!


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