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Glitterbomb Seriotype

Did I mention that seriotypes are my new favorite thing? Because they are totally my new favorite thing. I have yet to see anyone do one that wasn't amazing and stunning. I wish to do them with all of my polishes, so I hope you don't hate them.

colors used:
Baroness X Tannenbaum Teal
OPI In True Stefani Fashion
Fingerpaints Art You Wondering?
Orly Mirrorball
Digital Nails Nox

I am definitely getting more comfortable with my new lens. I am itching to take it out and use it for non-polish related tasks. It seems to really want BRIGHT light, so I am not sure how that will work in the foggy world I live in most days. But for now, at least, it takes pretty polish pictures!


  1. I really liked the seriotypes you made but what exactly is a seriotype? I tried googling it but it only turned out your posts and some medical stuff.

    1. It is something I sorta made up. A friend of mine, @joyserio on ig, does these mashups with individual brands. I am totally envious of them. They take minimal skill, but look like a million bucks.


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