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Only Two Colors

As I have mentioned before, I am a terrible decider. Most of the time, it works for me. I end up with color combos that other people wouldn't immediately go for. Other times...I end up with manicures like this.

 Colors Used
Orly Plum Noir
China Glaze White on White

I wanted to try a few different things, and I ended up here. A supertiny dotticure, a swiped marbled thing, a needle-drag, and a gradient. I definitely might make that design on my ring finger again. I actually like how that turned out.

What do you do when you can't decide? Do you go all out, or give up completely and wait for inspiration to strike?


  1. Wow, that came out great! I really love the dots.

    I find that when I can't choose an option, I either go all out and use them all at once, or just throw some polish on ad cal it done. Depends on my mood.

  2. The dots are great! And dark layered look of your middle finger is beautiful.

  3. When I can't decide on nail polish, I line them up and let hubby decide.

    The dots look awesome this way.

    1. haha thats not bad. Generally I let the kids decide!

  4. I love the dotticure and the middle finger, but all of them look great!


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