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Pop-arazzi - My Picks

 purchased by me 

If the world was perfect, all polish would be wonderful and I wouldn't have to write a post like this.  This is gonna be a really negative post because...I'll come right out and say it...CVS's new Pop-arazzi polishes aren't very good.  My first sighting of the display stopped me in my tracks simply because it wasn't Spoiled by Wet n Wild anymore.  That exclusive brand seems to be going away in favor of this new one and so far I'm not too thrilled.  It's a damn shame too.  Look how cute they are...

Polkadots! Lots of eye-catching shades!  Glitter!  So what's wrong?  Quite a lot.  The main issue is that they stink.  A lot.  A damn lot.  If you can't handle the smell of KleanColor, Nabi, e.l.f., etc., then don't even look at the Pop-arazzi display.  All four of the shades I tried have varying levels of that same kind of gluey stank.  Sometimes that's forgivable, but...well...please read on.

Lime-ousine Ride is a bright acid green cream.

I wanted to love this one especially, because the color kicks ass, but holy hell is it STINKY!  It made me sick to my stomach, it smells that bad.  The sadness doesn't end there though.  It's also thick and gluey, making those weird stringy strands sometimes.  Application is a hassle.  This is two coats.

Yin Meets Yang has a clear base with matte black and white microglitter and hexagonal glitter.

one coat

Man...I thought Lime-ousine stunk.  This one's even worse!  The roof of my mouth started to itch as I applied it.  No fun to apply either.  The photo above is one coat, which is an uneven mess.  I was able to dab more on for better distribution, but this prolonged the exposure to that nasty smell.  There was much whining, you can be sure.

dabbing to even out

Cinna-Ya-Mon is brick red with copper shimmer.

The stink isn't as bad with this one, but it's weirdly sweeter.  The formula's thick and a bit sticky, but not as hard to work with as Lime-ousine.  This is two coats.  I want to love it because it's glowy and flattering, but I'm not sure if I can deal with this smell.

Down The Runway is a deep, almost metallic purple with fine red and blue shimmer.

While not as stinky as the others, I'm pretty sure it's still stinkier than a lot of people will want to deal with.  This is two coats.  The formula is thick and sticky.  Boo.  The color reminds me of OPI Royal Navy, but I wanted it off my nails, so I didn't do a comparison.

Bottom line:  No.  Especially for the price.  They're $2.99 each or 2/$5.  Considering how many awesome polishes you can get for $1-2 each from Sinful Colors, Wet n Wild, NYC, LA Color, and other bargain brands, these seem really overpriced.  I used coupons and wound up paying about $1 each for them, but I'll be returning Lime-ousine and Yin Meets Yang.  I might just return all four.  Such a disappointment.

 all products in this post were purchased by me 


  1. Thanks for the heads up, I'll sadly be avoiding these!

  2. disappointed to hear it. thanks for trying them so we don't have to!

  3. Bummer! Thanks for letting us know to avoid these stink bombs. <3

  4. Thanks for taking one for the rest of the team ;)

  5. You jumped in front of that shot for us, thank you! With bottles like those, I'd have definitely grabbed a couple, especially that green.

  6. Standing in CVS now. Yuck. They smell really putrid. Even on sale at 99 cents I will walk away and never look back.


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