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All Hail the Queen

More swatches! I know, normally I am not the official PGS "swatcher"...but I recently got a bunch of new stuff...and I am feeling a little stumped art-wise. So swatches for everyone! Today's offering is All Hail the Queen by Butter London. (Another one of my Coterie deals!) I was kinda "meh" about this color when I opened the box. It's a cafe au lait brown with shimmer. I figured it would make a good SFW basic manicure. I didn't realize until I actually put it on that it has a lovely holographic thing going on. Honestly, if it weren't for that, this color would be a pass. But I bet it would look really good on someone with a less pasty complexion. I can see this being really flattering for someone with a similar coloring to...Chanel Iman? Very professional without being super blah.

up close, with my shitty camera flash. See the shiny?

For this picture and the following one, I tried putting a piece of paper over my flash, it worked ok.

full flash! Also, my "polishin table"

So after many terribly blown out pictures and attempts to mute the flash with all sorts of trash, I built a "lightbox".  Finally. But the lamps that Amanda hounds me about aren't available here. Well, they are, but they are a four hour round trip away. So I made it work. With the husbands LED flashlight. Whatcha think? These following pictures are unedited. Usually I have to tinker with the contrast/brightness in order to compensate for my shitty camera and lack of light here on the coast. But these photos aren't too bad...


  1. This is so gorgeous, definitely one of my fave BL's ever. It looks fantastic on you!

    1. thanks! I wasn't sure I was going to like it, but the sparkly made it better.

  2. Oh Wow. I really love this color. <3


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