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Inspiration: Maleficient

Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney movie. Always has been. I could watch it daily (and did, for a while. There are benefits to having daughters) But I don't love it because of Aurora, or the Good Fairies. Maleficient was always my favorite!


Probably because I've always been a weird kid. But she was just so badass. The best villain ever. Plus, her costume really looks the most comfortable. It's a great big bathrobe and a funny turban. I still might dress up as her one year for halloween. If I had anywhere other than trick or treating to go...

Colors Used:
Sally Hansen in Grass Slipper
Essie in Lilacism
Sinful Colors in Let's Talk
Sinful Colors in Black on Black
Milani Neon in Totally 80's (it lies. It is not neon!)

of course, the obligatory matte topcoat

and without.
  Honestly, I figured this would be pretty easy. Something quick and fun...a good reason to tinker with water marbling. BUT IT WASN'T. It wasn't fun. This is actually the second attempt. The first was just...weird. The Milani Neon spreads REALLY well. Too well, almost. It shoves all the other colors to the sides, no matter how many there are. And if there was a darker color touching it, it kinda ate away at it, so that the pale green was cloudy and dirty looking. But it was such a good match for Maleficient's skin tone that I couldn't not use it. Anyway, it was supposed to be fun, and I like the end result...but it just sucked. It's not a fail nail, but omg  I have not cursed so much in a long time.


  1. Absolutely amazing!! Love the inspiration and the colors you chose. Perfection!

    1. thanks! I really need to try this again. It made me so angry!

  2. This is SO PERFECT. From the moment I saw how well that purple matched her, I knew it'd be just right ;) Great water marbling (I just typed "warbling" at first and I hope it catches on) too!

  3. I also think it's perfect! The bleeding of one color into another just adds it's own effect, I think. I wouldn't stress, it looks great!

    1. thanks :)You know how it goes...I wanted it to look a certain way, and it refused to cooperate.

  4. That looks amazing! The green and the purple work so well together (YAY for opposing colors!) and the black... OMG so cool.

    I wish I could make water marbling work. I would do this so hard.

    1. what do you have trouble with? It took me forever to figure out how to do this and have it not look like ass.

    2. Mostly having it not look like ass. Ive tried it probably a good 20 times, maybe more. All I do is ending up with is ugly splattery/bubbly/acid soaked nails, splattering paint around the house all willy/nilly, yelling at the cats in fist raised rage and having to rub acetone up to my elbows to get the last of the polish off.

    3. do you tape your fingers off first? That is pretty important.


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