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Butter London Come to Bed Red

I love red. It might be tied for the title of "my favorite color ever". When Ulta had its BOGO sale on the Butter London line, I had to grab this color. It is a very lovely, retro-feeling red. This was my first experience with Butter London, and I'm pretty pleased overall. The formula was a little floody, but not OMGMESSY. It did take 3 coats to cover the nail line, which I hate, but I'm getting used to that as I try more brands of polish. I'd also like to add that I hate taking pictures of this color. My camera is blinded by it, and staring at it on my monitor makes my eyes bleed a little. But in person, I love it. It's red and glossy, like patent leather, even without a topcoat.

My only issue is that I can see the nail line. Maybe I need their Nail Foundation? Or DIY my own version...

Is it wrong that I'm excited that it actually looks like it does in the bottle?

"natural" indirect light. This is probably the truest picture.


  1. WOW! This is one HOT red! It looks amazing on you =)

  2. Awesome! You found it! I wonder if OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons would be as good as a base for you as it is for me. Might even look ok on you as a nude.

    ....I should do a post about my 17 red creams. Still haven't found *it*. High hopes for OPI Skyfall though.

    1. the OPI color looked a little too yellow for me, I think. And yeah, you should swatch all 17 reds. ;) I only have....4 or 5?

    2. This is beautiful! I have a thing for reds. I looked for my favorite for a long time until I found Cult Nails Evil Queen....and what an awesome name....need to review it one of these days. And, on another note to Blitherypoop, she will not be happy till she buys all the polish. I read somewhere that Philly area was seeing mass shortages of laquer.

    3. Haha, I keep telling her she needs to send some of her polish my way!

    4. Not *all*...I almost never buy pink, yellow, orange, yellow-green...though I have to blame a certain someone (and some other ones) for nudging me toward glitter.


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