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I Know Who You Are And I Still Love You!

July was only three months ago.  It seems like forever.  My summer was....something.  Not a good something.  I threw myself into my polish obsession and this blog as an escape from the real-life yuckiness.  Real life is still super yucky at times...but polish and the wonderful people it's brought into my life are helping more than I can say.

This blog started in June, so what's this about July?  In July I fell in love with a mystery, an unlabeled OPI.  I took this photo to show off my new love.

Eeek, right?  This whole time I've felt like I didn't do William Tell Me About OPI the justice it deserves.  I used to cringe a little looking at my photos and it really spurred me on to improve.  I'm still far from perfect, but I think I'm coming along.

I took that photo on September 2nd, and I see a dozen things that could be better.  Maybe I'll get there some day.  I could never have come even this far in just two months without the encouragement and guidance I've gotten from Nichole, Nicole, and the wonderful blog commenters, MUA Nail Board members, my Twitter and tumblr followers and friends...all of you have just been so good to me.  Thank you all!

...and to anyone who's here:

...and wants to get here:

w/Essie Shine Of The Times
...and keep getting can do it!  I look at this and I know I can do better....and I have done and will do better....and so can you!

There's inspiration for a tutorial in here somewhere...


  1. Wow, all that in four months? You didn't let your life yuckiness hold you back in this arena! That last one really looks gorgeous! I love that combo and have sported it a time or two myself :-)

    1. Thanks. :) It's all been a great distraction and a huge confidence and mood boost.

      Flakies are sooooo much better over dark shades, aren't they?

  2. I love watching improvement. I've seen it in myself too but I'm not sure I'm at the point where I can share it all the time! Way to go!

    1. Thanks! :) I really should post a tutorial because just a few little changes made so much difference. It's stuff anyone could do.

  3. Brilliant! Seeing improvements is one reason I started my blog. That and getting to share an interest:). I hope life outside of polishes improves for you soon. Remember the old adage 'this too shall pass'. It's corny but true. x

    1. Thanks. :) Things might be improving in one area, but if they do it frees me up to really tackle other problems. Yay? lol


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