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Come to Bed Red vs. Pillarbox Red

Like a lot of folks, I got ahold of some of the Butter London polishes during the Coterie deal. I picked up 3 colors + the matte top coat. One of the colors I got was Pillarbox Red. It was kind-of a throwaway for me, since I didn't really like any of the other colors on offer. I knew it was close to Come to Bed Red, but I didn't realize how close.

in the bottle, with a flash from my shitty camera. 
 You can see a subtle difference in the bottle. Well, I could. You probably can. My husband could not.

in what passes for daylight around here. 

indoors with the flash, I really had a hard time telling them apart.

more flash. Up close they are so unbelievably close.
Basically, the tl;dr of this is if you buy one, don't buy the other. They are slightly different, but I really don't think it's enough of a difference to warrant having both colors.


  1. Wow, They are really close...dupes?

    1. definitely dupes. I am kinda surprised that they are from the same company.

  2. a) Nichole. Your nails are amazing and I hate you.

    b) I would be hella pissed if I bought both. There is almost no difference. Maybe one is a little more orange tone? Pfft.

    1. a) now I'm pretty sure I know you. And thanks...though I did break a nail yesterday :( I had to cut it down so far that my hyponychium is exposed.

      b) I'm not too annoyed. Come to Bed Red was part of the BOGO offer from Ulta, and the Pillarbox Red was a 4 for $16 deal. So I'm not out that much.

    2. a) Now?

      b) 4 for $16 is quite reasonable. :)

    3. a) well, I saw your name and hoped. I read your comment and knew.

      b) I thought so, considering that each polish is $14 a piece.

  3. They no longer make Pillar Box Red. :(


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