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Jelly Toppers

Little break from my swatches....

I love the look of 'jelly sandwiches', but they were so problematic for me.  I got the Zoya Gloss Trio (Katherine, Paloma, and Frida) in the hope that I could finally make it work.  ...and then I nail lines are crooked and my nails are usually stained.  Sheer wasn't a good idea.  I decided to try something a bit different, an opaque base, then glitter, then the jelly.  I'd seen it done before and with some cute name, because jelly sandwich doesn't really seem right anymore.  Jelly topper isn't the best name, but it works.

My first was China Glaze Purr-fectly Plum, OPI Crown Me Already, Zoya Paloma, and Zoya Katherine.

...see, I don't completely shun sunlight...
I love the way the glitter gets integrated instead of just sitting on top.

I wasn't going to put Katherine on this, but Paloma was distressingly pink.

PINK! Do not want!

Paloma is great when used over something bolder.  I put it over Sally Hansen All Aglow and Wet n Wild Fergie Tonight’s Gonna Be A Good Night and it turned the gold hex glitter a cool rosy shade.  This isn't the most color-acurate shot, but...oh well...

My next was Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Nail In The Coffin, Wet n Wild Light With Caution, and Zoya Frida.

The teeny pink and blue glitters in Nail In The Coffin were much more obvious in person.

My last one (for now - I'll absolutely be doing more of these!) is Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Rest In Pieces, Nicole by OPI One Less Lonely Glitter, and Zoya Katherine.

I'm being really typical me, but...I think this is my favorite of the four I've done. I wore it for a few days, I loved it that much!

Back to the swatches again soon....and I think you can guess one of the next bunches....


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