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Revlon Wicked Star

Revlon's Sweetly Sinister collection is a really cute idea.  There are four Top Speed shades and six stencil designs.  If you like the look of Konad stamping, but want it NOW without the learning process and tools, the stencils might be a good option.  Of the four shades, I only bought Wicked Star and I passed on the stencils.  Wicked Star is another polish that I held in the store a few times before buying...and like a lot of them, I'm so glad I did finally get it!

Wicked Star is a cool-toned medium green with an abrupt duochrome shift from green to peachy gold.

The shift is really sudden and only at just the right angle, but when it's stunning!

It was a little bit brush stroke-y and I had some minor bubbling, but nothing too bad.  It applied nicely and took two coats.

...I just had to try sponging it.  I almost always do when I have bubbling issues or brush strokes.  Sponging teaches Wicked Star to sing!  The shift turns into unstoppable sparkle.

When it's sponged, the peach shift never fully leaves.

Gorgeous.  I was surprised how much I love this, especially because I bought it on a whim.  I don't own anything else like it and I'd absolutely recommend it.


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