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Fantasy Makers Nail in the Coffin and Rest in Pieces

Halloween is my favorite holiday.  Always has been, since the days of the little homemade leopard costume that I lived in until I outgrew it and my sister (click and go 'aww') claimed it.  Everything about Halloween is awesome.  Dark colors, costumes, scary movies, and candy.  Love it all!  I've been looking forward to the Halloween polishes since June and I'm so happy to finally have my hands on some!

Fantasy Makers polishes come in bottles with cute little coffin tops.  It makes them very slightly awkward to hold, for me anyway.  Worth it!  I bought three of this year's four shades, Go with the Glow, Nail in the Coffin, and Rest in Pieces.  Go with the Glow is a glow in the dark topcoat, too sheer to show on its own.  The glow is smooth and strong.  I'm impressed!  I passed on Once Upon A Time because it's a shade that Wet n Wild keeps releasing with different names in slightly different formulas.  More on that later.

Nail in the Coffin is a fairly sheer black base with a sprinkling of tiny pastel coppery-pink and sky blue glitter.

Halloween and pastel don't spring to mind right away, but the result is terrific!  The glitter is small enough to not be in-your-face but sets Nail in the Coffin apart from any other black polish I've seen.  I really love this!  It's opaque in about three coats, but probably sheer enough to layer.

Rest in Pieces is a very similar sheer-ish black base with generous purple microglitter.

It's essentially a rebottling of Wet n Wild Night Prowl, but not quite.  Rest in Pieces is less sheer and the glitter is less dense.  It's not a huge difference, but the bottle was too cute to resist.  It's also opaque in about three coats.

Once Upon A Time is a shade that Wet n Wild seems to really love because they keep releasing slightly different versions of it.  I can't blame them at all.  It's one of those drugstore dupes that get on Deborah Lippmann's nerves.  It's almost identical to her Ruby Red Slippers, but for 1/9th the price.  Yay for you, Wet n Wild!  They've released versions of it at least three times that I know of.  I have one, Ants in  My Pants from their CVS Spoiled line.  From what I've heard it's sheerer than Once Upon A Time.  It is *very* sheer, so I layered it over black.

They can rerelease this as many times as they's gorgeous.  ...and I didn't pay $18 for it.  Awesome!

Final verdict time...  If you only buy one, it should be Nail in the Coffin.  It's unique in my collection.  If you like the look of Rest in Pieces on its own, get it.  If you'd rather use it for layering, get Night Prowl instead.  Once Upon A Time is gorgeous...but if you want a *slightly* better value, get Ants in My Pants.  Same price, but .5oz instead of Once Upon A Time's .33oz.  Once Upon A Time is supposed to be more opaque and Ants in My Pants has a VERY wide brush, so you may want to consider that too.  Go With The Glow is an ideal glow in the dark topcoat for a really great price.  The bottles are adorable too!

More Wet n Wild Halloween goodness coming soon!


  1. Yay! I picked up 2 coffins yesterday :D finally got the Lippmann dupe and picked up Nail in the Coffin. I already have Night Prowl. Wish they had released some grey's or earthy colors. But there is always next year.


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