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L'Oréal The Temptress' Power

L'Oréal The Temptress' Power is another from the Project Runway Electric Fantasie collection.  I love The Queen's Ambition for its beauty right out of the bottle.  The Temptress' Power is at its best layered.  I adored it from the first brush stroke.  It's gold in the bottle, but transforms when layered.  I wore it over Sinful Colors In The Mist first and....

Wonderful little trick, no?

I held the bottle several times before deciding I had to have it.  I could see some of the layering potential, but the gold itself seemed a little harsh.  I wore it alone, just for swatching's sake.

I wouldn't do this again.  It doesn't suit my skintone and it's too sheer.  This is three layers, with no hope of hiding the nail line with less than maybe 5.  Shimmery corpse fingers.  No.  I've seen this look great on tan girls with very short nails, but it just doesn't work on me on its own.

I tried it over a nude, OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons.  This is how I'd recommend wearing it if you want it to stay gold.  It's still not how I'd wear it.  I don't think it's flattering on me.

In my eyes, The Temptress' Power is only for layering.  To take it as bold as possible, I put it over black.  WOW!

You notice the blue/green shift the most over black.

I just happened to have it in my bag when I was swatching Sinful Colors' Enchanted collection.  I layered it over In The Mist on a complete whim.  Hooray for whims!  Even at one layer, it dazzles.

It looks great mattified too!

The second coat really makes it though, bold and shifting.

It's also absolutely amazing over Sinful Colors Last Chance.

It's similar in some lighting to the effect over black, but then in the right light it's a spectacular combination of greens, blue, and little speckles of gold.

I love both this and The Queen's Ambition so much that I bought backup bottles of each!  The other six shades in this collection didn't stand out to me, but I know other girls are raving about several of them.


  1. I just swatched Temptress' Power too. I also held the bottle for a long time. I wasn't sure even when I was home until I finally swatched it over the Ingrid I was wearing. Then I saw it's potential. I can't wait to wear it over Last Chance now.

    1. I still need to try it over OPI SLC sometime...your Ingrid pic looked so great!

  2. I also love how it layered over green, so so pretty!❤


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