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Wet n Wild Pick Your Poison Collection

[note- I feel a little bad posting these so late.  Life got in the way a bit.  They're gone from Walgreens in this area, the only stores around here that even had them.  I hope I'm not creating any impossible lemmings.  Sorry!]

I'll admit it, I got Wet n Wild's Pick Your Poison collection because they're gorgeous in the bottles.  They defy any specific theme, being perfect for fall, Halloween, or xmas...everything I love most!  I knew I had something at least a little similar to most of them, but they needed to be mine.  All of them!

I have to lead off with Poison Ivy, I'm in love!

Poison Ivy is deceptive.  This polish isn't green.  Really.  It's a black jelly crampacked with more green shimmer than seems possible.  If OPI Every Month Is Oktoberfest had a green cousin, it would be Poison Ivy.  It has angles where it's almost black.

...and then in bright light...

It applies very smoothly, with almost no brush strokes and could be one coat...though I used two.  Wonderful polish, easily my favorite Wet n Wild and in my top 10 for the year...and the reason I've been checking stores.  I want a second bottle.  I want to own this FOREVER!!!  ...if I could only find it. *sigh*

I will admit, it's a little less dazzling in normal room lighting, but...still beautiful.

I stared at it all night...loooooove!!

...and then I mattified it with Butter London Matte Finish and fell in love all over looks like it could be an OPI Suede!!

Deadly Dose is a slightly frosty gold shimmer.  It's on the thin side, but covers in 2-3 coats.

You can see I had some brush stroke issues and light bubbling.  No big deal...sponge it!  Wonderful things happen when it's sponged.

Lethal Injection is a deep red-violet shimmer.

It's almost opaque in one coat, but I had bubbling and streaking issues with it too.  Sponge again!

Sparkling in direct light, but almost satiny in lower light!

Root of All Evil is a vibrant, almost metallic, blue.  It's sooooo blue!!!  My camera spazzed out a bit on it.

I had a bit of bubbling with this too, sadly.  Still, it's so glowy, not just under my lamp...

Toxic Apple is a deep navy with lots of blue and purple shimmer.

The formula is great, very smooth.  It's also almost a one-coater.  No bubbling, almost no brush strokes.

It's a very close dupe for OPI Russian Navy.

Russian Navy is on my ring finger.  It's got a bit more shimmer, but they're very close.

Venomous Vixen is somewhere between dark silver/gunmetal and blue, with a lighter silvery blue shimmer.  In very bright light the shimmer goes crazy!

In average lighting it looks almost like granite...

Venomous Vixen applied with minimal brush strokes and was opaque in about two coats.

So the rundown....if you can find this collection, Poison Ivy is a must-have.  Venomous Vixen is my second pick.  If you wanted a drugstore dupe for OPI Russian Navy, get Toxic Apple.  My only real complaint is with the brush.  The neck of the bottle and the brush are almost the same width.  It's awkward.  The Megalast bottles themselves are some of the best looking of any drugstore line.

Even more Halloween-ness on the way!


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