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Glow Skittles + OPI Black Spotted

I'm cheap, I'll admit it.  Spending $10 on a lightbulb hurt something deep inside me, but it's not just any bulb.  I had glowy ideas, so I needed a UV bulb.  Glow polishes are almost impossible to photograph otherwise and I have a bunch.  The Hedy's Glow In The Dark collection was out just before I got back into polish, but I managed to find them here and there at random Rite Aid stores.  Now I can finally do them justice!

From left to right- Meteor, Electricity, Moon Juice, and Milky Way

over SinfulShine Wisp

Cute, aren't they?  Not the most flattering colors on me, but oh well.  They're very sheer, which glow polishes pretty much have to be.  I used SinfulShine Wisp as a base.  It's among the better whites I've ever used and you can see it on its own at the bottom of this post.  All of the Hedy's are three coats over Wisp, except Milky Way.  It needed four and it bubbled horribly.  Moon Juice wrinkled a bit, but I blame Seche Vite for that...and for shrinking at the edges and revealing the white under Milky Way.  I have very mixed feelings about Seche Vite....but anyway....on to the glow...

over SinfulShine Wisp

Impressive, aren't they?  They *sing* under the blacklight.  They're absurdly vivid.  They're not as strong when glowing on their own, but you can still tell them apart, especially the pink.  There's a fifth color too, a yellow called Shooting Star, but I didn't have room on four fingers and the glow is very close to the green's.  Everything about these is just so outstandingly '90s that I kinda can't handle it.  I love this too much, deep down in the remnants of 15 year old me....a girl who had a glowing plastic jellyfish hanging from her bedroom ceiling.  My partner, on the other hand, was creeped out really bad by this.  Weirdo.  Good thing he wasn't home to see the next step!

Remember when Black Spotted was like $40?  I wrote it off then, saying I'd never get it.  Then it dropped down to *just* within my price range and I JUMPED.  I could have waited a little longer, since it's gone down even more since then, but oh well.  This stuff is tricky to use and I think I should have practiced more.  My spots came out a little thin and very streaky.  I'm not sure if I like it or not.  The weird thing is the change under UV...

I had no clue this would happen...  So weird that the pink stayed pink, but the others all looked blue/green to my camera.  It wasn't as drastic in person, but they did look different than they had alone.  So strange!  I like it more all glowy, but I really do need to get a better handle on Black Spotted.

Now a moment for the white base...

SinfulShine Wisp is a white cream.

under daylight lamp

White looks so awful on me, doesn't it?  Try to ignore my florescent death fingers and that purple thing in the background and just look at how perfect this white is!  This is two coats and there isn't a streak in sight!  I did have to thin it, but once I did it became one of the only good white creams I've ever found.  Might even be the best, but I'm not ready to make that call.  Anyway...if you've been searching for a good white cream, try Wisp.  It's quite nice, when most are gloppy messes.  Yay!  (It's a Walgreens exclusive, like the rest of the SinfulShine line, and that's where I bought it.)

So...make the call for me again, if you would...  Is this a fail?  It's certainly not a glowing success.  *badum ching*  Ugh...sorry...that was awful...  Anyway.... 'cha think?


  1. Your spotted effect looks just like the pic on the bottle tag, so I'd say you did it right! It is a bit persnickety to apply, but not as bad as crackle. I found wiping most of the polish off then lightly whisking the brush across my nails helped to keep the coat very thin so I didn't get blobs of black. Like you, I also noticed that Spotted effected the base color a bet. In my case it was LynB Designs Am I Ginger? orange holo polish that turned into a dif shade of orange, tho the holo goodness still showed thru. <3


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