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L.A. Colors Cactus

Today I've got another reminder that price isn't always an indicator of quality...but in the opposite direction of that awful green skull polish from Target.  I only dabble with L.A. Colors and just one, Reckless, has been on the blog before, buried in a massive spam post.  They show up in odd places.  I bought Cactus at Dollar Tree and Reckless at Rite Aid over the summer, but I see them more often at Dollar General and in packs at Ross.  You can also get them online from Cherry Culture (Cactus is on this page)  After wearing Cactus, I think I'll be keeping a closer eye on the brand when I spot them.  Two days in a row now of polishes that aren't exactly for Halloween, but like Urban Outfitters Mystic yesterday...I think you'll see why I wore it.

Cactus has a blend of antique gold and aqua flecks in a sheer cobalt blue base.

Such impact for a $1 polish!  I'm very impressed.  Good formula, nice and smooth.  The sheer base means it takes a bit of building up.  This is three coats.  The finish reminds me of one of Butter London's shades, kinda, but I can't remember which.

It's very complex and interesting because of the blend of flecks and the colored base.  It has that awesome 'darker at the edges' effect that others like Wet n Wild Poison Ivy and OPI Every Month Is Oktoberfest have.  It changes with the light, with different aspects and colors taking over.

Cactus can be very brassy or broodingly dark.  I really love how variable it is.

Mattifying highlights the complexity.  From almost a smoky blue to metallic, all right there...

The first time I wore it was actually two weeks ago.  I originally wore one coat over SinfulShine Rebel.  I didn't post it then, because I thought it seemed a bit "Halloween-y" and wanted it on the claws I was planning.

over SinfulShine Rebel

Stupid part is...I like it way more this way!  Wearing just one coat over another polish makes it even more lively and interesting.  It boosts everything about the finish.  It has moments where it almost looks like a gradient.

I love this so much that it *might* be my Halloween manicure.  We'll see.  Maybe a different base color.  Mattifying it when it's layered makes it almost look green.  This stuff is so cool!

Bottom line: One of the best polish dollars I've ever spent!  Versatile, visually interesting, fairly unique, and looks more like $15 than $1.  If you spot this at one of the discount stores, GRAB!  I'm gonna be hunting down a bottle for Zeus and maybe a backup for myself.

How weird is it that Nichole may have posted more swatches this week than I have?  I do have some coming up for next week.....and nail art...and weirdest of!  We both have so much planned for Halloween.


  1. Butter London Wallis. One of the very few I have :)

  2. I picked this up at Dollar General last month! It looks so much better on you than it will on me though - especially on the pointy tips.

    1. Aww, come on...I can see it looking great on you too!


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