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I Also Do Gradients...Occasionally...

Nichole dominates our gradient tag, there's no denying that.  A brushed glitter gradient aside, today's gradients are the first I've done so far this year.  Wow.  Nichole practically does one per month.  I....have some catching up to do, don't I?  Today's a good start then, since I have two to show you.

I think Nichole's awesome red and black gradient and the MUA Nail Board's recent gradient theme week had me thinking of them.  When I swatched Orly What's The Password?, something dinged in my head and I knew a gradient had to happen.  Its partner was pretty obvious, Nicole by OPI Totally In The Dark.

Nothing's more classic for Halloween than orange and black...even if those colors have a different meaning here in the Philadelphia area.  I can't look at this and not see Flyers colors.  Oh well....I still like how it turned out.

I mattified it too...because....I'm me.

Saturday was the local Rocky Horror shadow cast show, one of my favorite nights of the whole year.  My sister directed it again this year AND performed as Magenta...and was awesome as ever.  The whole cast is always so great!  I was full of fail that day though and nail art just wasn't happening....default to gradient!  I could probably do them in my sleep, they're that easy.  If you've struggled with them, Nichole did a great tutorial.  I do it almost the same way, but I use thick plastic instead of foil.  Taking the color cue from the show itself, I had to go with red and black.  Though I just now had the idea to do rainbow jelly gradient nails to match the tank.  Why couldn't I have had that inspiration LAST week?  Oh well...maybe next year.  Sorry to go all stream of consciousness on you there.  I had Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar and Secret Admirer right here at my desk, so as the clock ticked away and my fail nails just kept failing, I grabbed that sponge and....

Secret Admirer didn't stay black!  Too weird.  I'm really happy with out it turned out though, and it got a lot of attention and compliments after the show.  The "black" part looked much blacker in the dimmer lighting we were in for most of the night....and the red glowed and smoldered.

To keep with the 'peep show' vibe of the night, I also did this...

I think I've caught the gradient bug again! you prefer the darker color at the top or bottom?  I can never decide!


  1. Both these look great! I love gradients, they're such fun :D

  2. Hi girls, I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Love following your blog, congratulations :) These gradients are absolutely amazing, better than any I can do! Beautiful colours., Kelsie. (Hope this isn't spam, sorry)


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