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SinfulShine Amazonian

My pointy nails were doing so well... Through a week of cooking and some cleaning and all of the rest of usual life, they were just fine.  Then I had an argument with an acorn squash.  The knife got stuck and in trying to get it out, the back of the blade hit the underside of the tip of my left index nail.  The pointy part popped 90% of the way off, almost perfectly evenly.  I rushed to glue it back on, because I'm planning some shape-specific nail art.  That and I just couldn't bear reshaping again so soon.  I'm just getting used to the claws!  So now I've got a teabag patch.  Not the best I've done, but ok for a start.  It's only slightly visible in these swatches.  I bought Amazonian along with a few others back when the SinfulShines first came out.  They've been sitting in my swatching bins for months and repeatedly just not making it onto the blog for various reasons, even though I've worn a few of them.  Rebel snuck on a couple weeks ago and more of them will be on here eventually.  I also reviewed all but one of the Hot For Shine collection and Nichole has done Who's The Gloss and Pragmatic.  Amazonian seemed like just the right thing to cheer me up after the break and since it was right there...

Amazonian has a forest green jelly base densely packed with green microfleck shimmer.

Something, isn't it?  It's similar-ish to Wet n Wild Poison Ivy (the giveaway ends at midnight!), but not a dupe.  It has a green base, not blackened, and much larger shimmer.  The formula's on the sheer side, so I used three coats to make sure it covered the patch.  It goes on smoothly and beautifully, so the extra coat was no trouble at all.

Bottom line:  Oh my, yes!  Very yes!

In case you missed the reminder above, Wicked Winnings Wednesday #1 ends at midnight tonight!  Hurry hurry!  The second giveaway starts at midnight, and you can "sneak in" early (before the post goes up tomorrow) if you want, by entering on our Facebook Page through the Giveaway tab.  It won't help your chances or anything...just figured I'd mention it.  Good luck to everyone who entered!  I always get so excited drawing prizes!


  1. I feel your pain with the claw break! I had the exact same thing happen RIGHT before my friend's wedding, I was frantically trying to patch it while worrying about packing and getting to the airport. Not fun!
    I love love love this color, it's the only SinfulShine I have so far.

    1. Oh no! That's awful timing! It's a great color. I'm liking the SinfulShines in general so far.


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