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Urban Outfitters Mystic

I bought today's polish the Saturday after Thanksgiving last year.  I swatched it back then, but I didn't like how the photos turned out.  That was back when I took all of my photos under and LED lamp.  Sunlight is so much better for me.  I complained a lot when I was forced to stop swatching at work, but I think it's one of the best things that ever happened to my photos.  Mystic doesn't seem to be on Urban Outfitters' website anymore, but may still be in some of their stores.  It's apparently a near-dupe of Deborah Lippmann Ray Of Light and Layla Butterfly Effect is also along the same lines.

Mystic has red/orange/green iridescent flakes in a deep cobalt jelly base.

My camera still isn't up to the task of Mystic.  The color of the base is off.  My new phone had a crack at it too, but decided it was purple.  It's really darker and less blue than the camera sees it, but lighter and less purple than the phone's interpretation.  Oh well...the flakies still look good.  The formula's good too, though a bit sheer.  It works in its favor, giving it depth.  Three coats cover well.

It takes a little more smoothing than some finishes might and I used three coats of NYC GCS instead of my usual two.  It's no bumpier than any other flakie.

The color play is as good as it looks here.  You even get moments of gold in the right light.

Mattifying always does amazing things to flakies and Mystic is no exception.

The shift's much stronger like this.  That's one of my favorite things about mattifying.

Bottom line: If you can still find it, it's completely worth the $5 or 2/$8.  That's more than I usually spend for a single bottle, but considering how much the Lippmann and Layla versions go for, it's a huge bargain. it's not exactly a Halloween polish, is it?  I still think it fits the theme well enough to keep Nichole happy.  Am I right Nichole?


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    1. Thanks! :) Wish I could have gotten a more accurate photo and I wish there was something this exact color! lol


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