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Ipsy Bag October 2013

Ipsy decided to show its face around here again. It honestly seems like it gets later and later each month. I am seriously investigating alternatives at this point. I really like to bag, and all the things that come with it...but their customer service is kinda shitty, and that is starting to irk me. I'm so easily won-over though...a shiny bit of polish and (nearly) all is forgiven.

As an aside, I think Ipsy really missed the mark this month. The products are perfectly wonderful, for the most part. But its October. HALLOWEEN, people! They could have done some really fun stuff this month, or even a Halloween-chic bag. Instead, they chose to soldier on as though nothing special was going on. I think it was a definite missed opportunity.

The Goodies:

LA Fresh Oil Free Facial Cleansing Wipes
Buxom Lip Polish in Dolly
Be Delectable Hand Cream in Vanilla & Cream
Zoya Giovanna
Big Sexy Hair Blow Dry Volumizing Gel

Zoya Giovanna

in the warmer light. It needed a bit of blotting
but my oh my, does it shimmer!

wearing Dolly on my lips and the
volumizing gel in my hair

My Thoughts:

I have actually tried LA Fresh wipes before. They are pretty brilliant for removing makeup and not irritating your face. One wipe will remove a whole face full of makeup! Plus, these are apparently bio-degradable and compostable. Can't go wrong there. My only gripe is that these are the "oil free" version, and I find them a little drying on my skin.

Dolly is also not a new product for me. I am more than half convinced that Buxom made about 11 billion tiny tubes of this stuff...I think this is the fourth or fifth "deluxe" sample of it that I have recieved over the years. I'm not sorry I got it, it's a lovely dusty mauve color infused with gold glitter. Very flattering to most skin tones, and the color actually lasts a good long time for a gloss. I just kinda wish that there had been something new.

I'm always glad to try a new hand cream. This stuff is super can feel the shea butter in it. (Which can be a bit greasy, but I love that). My main complaint is the scent. OH GOD. It smells like cake batter. Cloying and sweet, and just a hint of maybethiswillgivemesalmonella. The scent is a real shame, because the cream is actually really nice, and at 2 ounces, it's a generous sized sample for Ipsy.

Zoya. Giovanna. C'mon yall. I would rename both my children Zoya if I thought it would get me a lifetime supply of this stuff. It's part of the Satins collection, and its lovely. I did add a blotted coat to cover the streaks, but thats just a personal preference. It's opaque, even on my nails, in two coats. Beware the staining though. I wore it over Revlon Tradewinds, and I was able to avoid the teal tinge.

Lord knows I need volume in my hair. I have tried so many different products for adding volume. This stuff actually does what it says it does...which honestly I wasn't expecting. I think for someone with longer hair, this would be the product to give you that Brigitte Bardot/bedhead look. For my hair, it gave me a lot of volume, texture, and a fair amount of hold. (I do think that with my current overgrown haircut, the extra volume makes my hair sit in a way that makes me look older. Oh well.) This stuff works.


  1. I got the same bag with the exception of the lotion. I got the Target one, it's not very nicely scented IMO. I'm glad I got Giovanna - it's the one I was on the fence about buying because I have some similar colors. I agree with you tho - why no holiday fun stuff ?? Maybe they are trying to be sensitive to folks that might believe Halloween is the devils business, lolol.

    Funny story - years ago I had a friend that taught 1st grade. Her school was not allowed to do ANYTHING remotely Halloween-ish. The county she taught in apparently had a high incidence of devil worship !

    1. That irritates me to no end. It's a christian holiday! lol Or was until it was secularized about 100 years ago.

    2. the lack of halloween stuff is quite disturbing. They could have at least added some more outlandish things, without being overtly halloweeny.

    3. I could be totally wrong, but I believe that Halloween has a lot of basis in the Pagan/Gaelic holiday "Samhain" to celebrate the end of harvest season and beginning of the "darker days". I'm not familiar with the christian roots at all.

    4. yeah me either, but I was gonna let her run with it. So far as I have ever understood it, it's a fairly pagan holiday.

    5. It's as much a blend of the two as Easter, starting off pre-christian and being christianized.



  2. LOVE Giovanna on you!! (: and I need to try that volumizing gel! My hair lacks so much volume. And doesn't hold curls for the life of anything. ):

    Thanks for the reviews!

    1. I'm not sure how well this stuff would help curls, but it does give a fair amount of texture, so it might help. It definitely does lend volume to thin hair, which to be honest was very surprising to me.


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